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World Primer

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World Primer Empty World Primer

Post by InteroVegas on 2012-12-16, 23:19

NOTE: I will need to go back and edit this - ignore the history bit about allmavet, there are key details I need to elaborate on and others I need to change. I will work on a map after I finish writing the world details that are necessary for players to be able to play their character (ignoring private knowledge available to your character based on your role that will be given to you at a separate time).

Location: Allmavet, the capitol of Byruz.
FOR OVER 1500 YEARS Byruz has been a successful and thriving nation. The nation started small but through superior technology and luck the nation managed military and economic victories over neighboring nations and sprung into power. Byruz is on the ocean and it took full advantage of its location, using its superior technology the nation took over ocean side nations even faster than it did on land. Though I could ramble on and on about the steps Byruz took to establish itself as the world power I will spare you all the boring history lessons.

ALLMAVET, CAPTIOL OF BYRUZ has stood tall and proud as the capitol for 1500 years. The city started as a military base built on the remains of a village that was destroyed by an earthquake. Refugees from the catastrophes flocked to the military base but were not permitted entry. The nation the military had belonged to had all but crumbled, between catastrophes and being picked apart by the vulture like nations that surrounded it. The general at the base decided the least they could do was give out rations and help organize the refugees and so they did. This was the humble beginning of Allmavet and of the first and second circle.

THE NATION BEFORE was a small nation that focused on magick and the dark arts. It wasn't until people rose from separated villages into nation entities that villages could resist abduction raids from the cabals and mercenary packs employed by the sorcerers who lived in the "nation" that stood where Byruz does today. Sorcery is powerful, but even sorcery is no match for the power of an organized army. At first remnants of fear and lack of knowledge about the sorcerer cabals kept nations from invading however over time it became obvious that the sorcerers did not have the strength to attack nations, only to harass border villages. With that knowledge in hand the surrounding nations made an alliance to wipe the sorcerers out. Catastrophe struck at the same time that the invading armies poured into the country. Tsunamis, earthquakes, insect plagues, famine and pestilence sprung from no where over the course of the 7 days of the invasion. It was as if the cabals were receiving divine punishment. However the calamities made it difficult for the surrounding nations to scourge the entire nation. In the vast tracts of land from the outer areas of the nation were taken and all magic practicers were quickly killed off but the lands towards the sea were left untouched. Most figured there was nothing to worry about considering if armies couldn't get through those calamities then surely the nation itself wouldn't survive.

THE CITY IS DIVIDED INTO THREE major circles with major walled off gates between each section. The first circle contains the king’s palace, the central command for the military and the ceremony grounds. It is in the ceremony grounds that monuments are erected. The second circle is for the nobility and the middle class that work at and own some of the shops that are frequented by the nobles. As word spread through the dying remains of the nation that existed before Byruz of Allmavet many swarmed to the city in hopes of food and help. The already present group of refugees took control over the hungry and pain stricken people flocking to the city and put them to work at fisheries, farms and raw goods processing mills. The area that was once farming and mills turned into densely populated slums and war factories as the city began reconquering nearby territories and making economic alliances with nearby nations.
So the military of a nation long gone became the government, beggars and refugees of a destroyed village became nobility and upper class and those who would flock to a city in hopes of being fed and housed became the poor working class.
I’ve said that the city is comprised of 3 circles but that isn’t quite accurate. The second and third circle are only 2/3 of a circle as the remaining side is on the water. This 1/3 of the second and third circle is one gigantic port commerce area. Waterways for smaller boats stretch 2 miles inland while the port right on the ocean could accommodate even the largest of military vessels and material transport ships.

(points of interest in each circle will be detailed once a map for the overworld has been created)

ALLMAVET HAS TWO FACES, the first is the 3 circles I have just rambled about, the second however is a much darker side of Allmavet. As with any rich city there is bound to be crime however Allmavet’s spies, informants and armed forces do an excellent job of keeping those with particularly malicious intent off the streets. But even the powerful armed forces of Allmavet can’t overpower everything. Underside, quite literally a vast network of catacombs, tunnels and expanses under the shining capitol serves as home for all sorts of criminals and those who would otherwise resist the control of the government. The mafia’s and the remaining sorcerers hide themselves away in the dangerous depths of the underside.

Underside is itself is as lethal as the people it houses. A wrong turn or a lamp with no fuel can mean death in there. Dangerous pits, unstable footing and unpleasant predators make underside a horrifying place to travel into alone, but a nightmare to mobilize troops through. Although Allmavet sends organized raids into the underside from time to time they are often unfruitful, returning maybe 1 or 2 sorcerers or gang members Allmavet has not forsaken underside as useless and dangerous existence under the capitol. The underside has served as Allmavet’s dumping ground for those ill with highly contagious and dangerous diseases, the insane and trash.
There are rumors that underside holds at the very bottom of it treasure with value beyond compare but the terror that is the underside is much too frightening for most who could actually make it to the depths to go there. Of those who have ventured down in search treasure, none have returned.

IN THE DARK CORNERS OF THE UNDERSIDE there are those who practice the dark arts of sorcery. The only bits of information that are known are through rumor. Apparently sorcerers use their magic by giving up their own life force or the life force of others. The nation goes to great lengths to kill sorcerers with in the nations borders and those in other nations. Although magic was never common it has become very rare and one of the last known bastions of magic users left is the underside. Many are employed by the mafia's and so if and when the royal defense forces would raid underside sorcerer's are often whisked away to safety by their evil patrons. Beyond this there are many rumors about sorcerers and the magicks they are capable of but it is too difficult to find the truth in the fog about the dark arts.

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World Primer Empty Re: World Primer

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-12-17, 09:19

time for your daily dose of snark with a small amount of actually relevant advice.
Darkgenesis wrote:Byruz is on the ocean and it took full advantage of its location, using its superior technology the nation took over ocean side nations even faster than it did on land.
man those "ocean side nations", guess they never figured out how to take full advantage of their location
Darkgenesis wrote:(points of interest in each circle will be detailed once a map for the overworld has been created)
you could do away with the entire previous paragraph with a simple map really
Darkgenesis wrote:But even the powerful armed forces of Allmavet can’t overpower everything.
ironic how they can conquer and hold an equal amount of land in every direction out from the capitol except down.
Darkgenesis wrote:Underside, quite literally a vast network of catacombs
that "literally" was unnecessary. sorry but I really hate it when people use that word incorrectly, and having "underside" as a name doesn't imply catacombs, it implies butts and plate bottoms.
Darkgenesis wrote:The underside has served as Allmavet’s dumping ground for those ill with highly contagious and dangerous diseases, the insane and trash.
So venturing down to the underside to deposit losers is actually easier and safer than just kicking them out of the city?

Anyways you might want to look through your old stuff for inspiration to make your story more legit...and maybe even actually make the game while you're at it:
Corenat Rovarnus
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