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Herro. This is a discussion forum for just about anything and everything you can imagine. But mostly we do play by post RPGs and have arguments about Anime and Video Games. I put this little portal page up for you people (of which amos is NOT one of, definitely not) who just drop every few months and just skim some of the new stuff. It doesn't look as ghetto now. Click the big picture on top to go to the forum index, or if you are new here read this NOOB GUIDE and the FAQs
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Wondering where we get all of our warez? Well, we won't divulge our methods coughtorrentingcough cough but as a public service, your glorious administrator and several other souls have bravely volunteered to host a good deal of the stuff we play. Here's the linx.

CarbineClip: Admin-sama's personal archive. Has Umineko Visual Novel Episodes 1-4 and Eien no Aselia, Visual novel TBS game. Kaede's archive - Assorted random stuff like BESM rulebooks.
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