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World Map (Overworld and Underside)

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World Map (Overworld and Underside) Empty World Map (Overworld and Underside)

Post by InteroVegas on 2012-12-22, 22:23

World Map (Overworld and Underside) 5s0C4
1. Royal Palace and the Ruins of the Great Foundry:
The palace is a gargantuan structure. There is no moat but in its place stands proud 4 story walls with guards patrolling the premise from the grounds below and with spotlights from atop. A short examination of the wall reveals a reinforced mess of materials comprise the 1st story while the remaining 3 stories must have been built at some later time. The walls are perfectly equal in length and from a birds eye they appear as an equilateral triangle.

The palace itself towers a few stories above the walls and from outside the walls one can see spotlights and troops litter the corners and roofs of the Potala shaped castle.

Underneath the walls and the palace just barely jutting out above the ground are the ruins of the great foundry. If one were to go to one of the ruins portions that protrude through the surface they would see scratched out carvings on stone pillars that must extend deep into the underside. It is common knowledge that the foundry was a major place of operation for sorcerers from the nation of the past. When the genocide against sorcerers began the military marched into the foundry and destroyed or defaced every room, artifact or carving that had anything to do with magicks.

However the foundry is absolutely massive and although the vast majority of the great ruin has had any mention of magick erased from it there are still corners and secret rooms here and there in the foundry that military failed to find. Most people avoid the great foundry with their lives, many if given the choice would choose to be tossed into underside rather than the foundry proper. For if you were to encounter someone scurrying about the underside there is high chance that they would be a gangster who would merely beat you to near death for your money and clothes whereas if you came across someone in the foundry you are more likely to end up as a material component of sorcery.

The upper portion of the foundry has been converted into an emergency fort for the king should the nation EVER come under attack. Due to the nations great power over the world the fort is not stocked as well as it could be.

The foundry proper runs deepest in all of underside. People have only ventured and returned from as far down as the 20th floor underground, those who have gone further have not returned.

2. The ceremonial grounds:
Ceremonies are carried out here.

*The 3rd circle has waterways going deep into the city and a couple canals that even reach into the second circle although no actual transport ships are ever brought in that far.
2. Storefront Block:
1. The Bazaar: A place where all sorts of high quality goods are sold. Everything from exotic imported animals to custom made guns can be found here.

3. Warehousing and Factories block
1. North Port - The part of Portside firmly under the grasp of the Vai (one of the two major gangs).
2. South Port - The part of Portside firmly under the grasp of the Hafim (the other of the two major gangs).

4. Norther Slums:
1. Vai slums stronghold - Since the Vai have few well established holdouts in underside their main stronghold is in the heart of their territory in the northern slums. The Vai stronghold would look like a massive apartment complex to those who didn't know any better. Even from the High Rises the stronghold can be seen. It looks like a sea of stone with a few crevasses visible from above. The Vai stronghold could be easily subdued with seige weaponry but with the weapons available to the royal defense forces the sea of stone is nightmarish to invade. It would be like sending an army division into the jungle without any maps or reconnaissance information. On that note the royal defense forces have been sending spies in an attempt to gain insider knowledge of the layout of the compound in hopes that they could one day remove the entire core of the Vai from the city in one fell swoop.

7. Imperial Towers
1. Capitol Bridge - A huge bridge built for quick entry into the heart of Allmavet. The bridge looms above the Eastern Slums and Top Side and stands level with the Imperial Towers.

10. Topside
Locations 1 and 2 are Hafim dominated entrances to underside. These are the two major entrances to underside excluding the one under the royal palace. There are numerous smaller tunnels and sewer passageways that lead to underside but they are far less safe or as vast as those in topside.

8. Military Quarter:
1. Royal Defense Force Headquarters

9. Southern Slums:
1. Hafim overground main territory:
Although the Hafim have their major strongholds in underside they have an area of the Southern Slums tightly under their control. Although there is no stronghold nearly every building in that area is theirs.

There are 3 important locations in underside
1. The foundry in the center of underside
2. The Hafim Stronghold in the south east of underside
3. The western half is half filled with water and known as treasure cove

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