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Shyvana patch notes

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Shyvana patch notes Empty Shyvana patch notes

Post by InteroVegas on 2011-11-01, 09:03

New Champ: Shyvana
Q is nice midgame and earlygame
W is actually just good all day long
E is ok . . . . (its a lot clunkier than I had hoped it would be, also the upgrades are powerofpoo dmg per level Sad , FUUU bad numbers)
R IS for level 6, but its really REALLY boss flies through a crowd, does damage, then you pop your other aoe stuff and drop a sizeable amount more damage.

So I see her as a tanky dps. Her ultimate lends her to it very easily. I dunno maybe you COULD main tank it I just haven't tried it. Her damage lategame is pretty meh besides her burst moment - unless you pick up a bunch of AD, so I opt for the tanky dps scenario.

Other patch notes:
Graves got a joke nerf (well the passive nerf is actually substantial, but the damage nerf is kind of a joke) now its 220% instead of 230%

shaco boxes got nerfed, like they said they would.

wukong got a joke buff

talon got nerfed again - dark clouds loom over this guy.

A ton of bugfixes, and a cool Cho Gath skin, so yeah, thats all.

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