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Summoner Tier List 2014

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Summoner Tier List 2014 Empty Summoner Tier List 2014

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2014-03-20, 15:39

The old tier list is almost 3 years old, I'm going to start from scratch with a new one instead of revising it.

Dunk Tier: Highest order of magnitude, can challenge the UMD pros
quan {nullset12} - He's really moved up since his induction into our ranks, thinks he's doublelift or something with the shootman maining.
chu {kevindakilla} - Still chugging along, strong as ever. Season 3 Platinum.

Slam Tier: I've been listening to too many Quad City DJ mixes
sunny d {dsun23} - I dunno why I'm even including him in this list, I think he goes in Dunk tier but he's kinda mean
me {Coriasis} - I've really matured since the last time I posted in this section. I have several reliable mains for woodsman and crutch
Jinjosmcs - Basically as good as I am now, if not more consistent. We've been on a rocky road but its smooth sailing now  Surprised  Currently Season 4 Gold
Itsame273 - Doesn't play as often, assuming rust has taken effect. Makes some crazy plays with jonjo

Jam Tier: The equivalent of Average Tier
herroUrYerro - Hasn't gotten much better from what I've seen
SoulReviver - kelvin and kevin still get kinda mad from his very common failures, but occasionally he snowballs into an unstoppable Magic Gunner.
chweris - ????
jjiceman - The most recent addition to the "group", he plays a competent crutch now.

Hobo Tier:
Meroy - screw his platbutt
Everyone who uses the word "literally" wrong

Dunked Tier: Ridicule these losers at every opportunity
Amos {Engio} - Sort of quit
Felix {EternitySky} - Quit
mykal {JackThursby} - Quit for DOTA2, which is arguably worse than just quitting
mei {Admiral loser} - Quit, and thinks he's better than everyone who didn't
sadnow {PapitalistCig} - Quit, by request.
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