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Homestuck Title Quiz

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Homestuck Title Quiz Empty Homestuck Title Quiz

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2013-04-12, 00:20

Find out what your Sburb god tier title is

here's what I got
You are the Page of Time!

Homestuck Title Quiz PageOfTime
Pages tend to be extremely weak and passive at the start of their journeys. However, they have incredible potential, and if they can survive long enough to reach god tier, their powers will make all others' pale in comparison.
Time players have control over the flow of time and possess the ability to travel freely through it. As such, they are often crucial to their team's success, as they can revert any negative changes to their session. The mindset of a Time player tends to be laid-back and willing to 'go with the flow', and they are often musically adept. Their Land is guaranteed to contain a large structure matching their time travel instrument that, when destroyed in a specific manner, restarts the entire session with slightly different circumstances.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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Homestuck Title Quiz Empty Re: Homestuck Title Quiz

Post by Xenoe on 2013-04-12, 00:23

You are the Rogue of Blood!

Rogues are very concerned with the welfare of their team. They are Robin Hood-like in nature, stealing their aspect from enemies to assist their teammates. Their more active counterpart is the Thief.
Homestuck Title Quiz RogueOfBlood
Little is known about the Blood aspect, other than at least one Blood player used his blood as a bonding point, and (through a combination of anger and empathy) tried to hold his failing team together. As such, Blood could be tied to emotion or kinship.

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