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Day one RP post

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Day one RP post Empty Day one RP post

Post by kaede on 2011-10-26, 01:11

A girl stands in front of a mirror drying her hair humming. After she finishes she looks in the mirror and starts to braid her red hair. As she is doing this the reflection in the mirror speaks to her.

“So Jess you have abandoned your quest for this artifact this…grail was it?”

The girl doesn’t spare a look at the mirror but a frown is small noticeable on her face. “I wish you wouldn’t talk about things like that while in the house.” She pauses as she stops and stares at the mirror her red eyes glaring into the mirrors orange ones “I know my parents this house is crawling with mother’s rat familiars so please don’t speak of such things around here. The only reason I’m not concerned about it right now is because they expect me to be asleep at 5AM. So the familiars are not active” With that she goes back to braiding her hair.

The reflection simply shrugs and starts to tie her orange hair into a ponytail. “So that explains the staying up for three days straight studying the rat’s movements.” The girl in the mirror finishes and then grins at her “Anyway what I’m more interested in is your plan tell me how a-“


“Excuse me Master is someone in there with you?” A masculine voice says from behind the door.

The girl finishes braiding her hair and opens the door revealing a man with short brown hair and wearing some kind or armor. “No B I’m alone in here why do you ask?” The man shakes his head at his master’s question. “Nothing I just thought I heard another voice in there with you. While I’m here do you need anything?” The girl shakes her head. “No thanks B I’m fine just wait for me downstairs dematerialized ok?” The man simply nods then goes downstairs.

As soon as he is gone and out of earshot she turns back to the mirror the figure in it looking impatient. “Well that was rude of him.” The figure then waves her hand. “Anyway if you have quit this war why is he still around?” The girl in red hair simply smiles. “All part of my plan for freedom.”

With that she turns and walks out of the bathroom. The figure in the mirror stares at her retreating form then shrugs “Well long as those bastards of her parents plans are screwed over I could care less about what she does.” With that the figure disappears from the mirror.

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