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Noobs guide to Fuyuki

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Noobs guide to Fuyuki Empty Noobs guide to Fuyuki

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-10-22, 20:35

Noob's guide to Fuyuki

Noobs guide to Fuyuki Map4ro10
Public Kiosk at Staton Front:

Welcome to Fuyuki City, now one of the hottest tourist sites in Japan. We boast a completely modern, high tech infrastructure built from scratch in the 2050s, and the entire city is connected via IPv16 aka Web 2.0 protocols. The heavy influx of immigrants from Europe and mainland Asia gives our shops a wide variety of exotic foods and powerofpoo from all over the world.
Check it out in our urban district. Ryudoji beckons to the west, where a group of monks still preserve the tenets of the old Shinto faith. Thinking about settling down as here as an immigrant yourself? I wouldn't recommend it you fat chinese/american ass, we have enough weeaboos infesting the neighborhoods and joining gamer gangs. Anyways, enjoy your stay in Fuyuki, and remember - the truth is pie.

--Your Mayor, Dmitri Tomoe
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