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Trolling Rule Breaker IRC

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Trolling Rule Breaker IRC Empty Trolling Rule Breaker IRC

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-03-26, 19:14

Trolling Rule Breaker IRC Trolli11
Trolling Rule Breaker IRC More_t10
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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Trolling Rule Breaker IRC Empty Re: Trolling Rule Breaker IRC

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-05-12, 22:48

more random crap lol(meroy's trying to squeeze information out of me about my battle or something. too bad I'm a coconut and you have to crack it, not squeeze)
[22:27] kaede_ hey cr.
[22:28] Aelms yo
[22:31] Meroy corenat
[22:32] Meroy u mad?
[22:32] Aelms and i was so sure about the late game choice sweep
[22:32] Meroy Why would I have a scarfed jolteon
[22:32] Aelms idk
[22:32] Aelms you would use it
[22:33] Corenat_Rovarnus hur?
[22:33] Corenat_Rovarnus I dont play pokemon
[22:33] Meroy I don't care
[22:34] Meroy Corenat
[22:34] Meroy you dead yet?
[22:34] Corenat_Rovarnus why, did my section get taken out?
[22:34] Meroy Nah but I heard you were in a battle
[22:34] Meroy So I assumed you'd die soon
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus Yeah thats right I'm in a battle
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus a battle of wits with you
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus which seat can I taaake?
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus That's right meroy I'll show you what it means to kill things
[22:35] Meroy Allright
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus yesterday was thursday
[22:35] Meroy I'm ready
[22:35] Corenat_Rovarnus today was friday
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus tomorrow is saturday
[22:36] Meroy Wrong
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus and sunday comes afterward
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus kickin in the front seat
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus sittin in the back seat
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus we so excited
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus we we we so excited
[22:36] Corenat_Rovarnus we gon' have a ball to-day
[22:36] Meroy Hmmm Corenat
[22:36] Meroy You're a loser
[22:36] Meroy dead yet?
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus I believe it is you who is dead
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus slain by
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus FRIDAY FRIDAY
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus GETTIN DOWN ON FRIDAY
[22:37] Meroy True stuff
[22:37] kaede_ im going to kill someone.
[22:37] Meroy Troll'
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus I have slain you!
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus PENTAKILL
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus moving on
[22:37] Meroy Dude i'm not 5 people
[22:37] Meroy >_<
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus yeah i killed 4 people before you
[22:37] Meroy yet
[22:37] Meroy Lies
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus weren't you paying attention to the battle?
[22:37] Corenat_Rovarnus I killed everyone except you
[22:38] Meroy Wasn't no
[22:38] Corenat_Rovarnus you ran cowering into the skyscraper
[22:38] Meroy I'm pretty sure I killed Aelms
[22:38] Corenat_Rovarnus I blocked it off with my leap strike
[22:38] Corenat_Rovarnus relentless assault attack, empower, rageblade
[22:38] Corenat_Rovarnus u dead, son
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus now I'm gonna spawncamp you
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus boom boom blitzcrank
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus No you didn't kill aelms
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus I did
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus I killed him
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus isonar
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus xinate
[22:39] Corenat_Rovarnus and grimwind
[22:40] Corenat_Rovarnus then i killed you
[22:40] Corenat_Rovarnus and that makes it a pentakill
[22:41] Meroy Xinate? wtf
[22:41] Corenat_Rovarnus wow
[22:41] Corenat_Rovarnus you must be in the wrong battle then
[22:41] Corenat_Rovarnus i was under the impression everyone knew by now
[22:42] Meroy I must
[22:42] Corenat_Rovarnus go ask the supervisor he'll tell you
[22:42] Meroy I don't like the supervis
[22:42] Corenat_Rovarnus xinate is that secret weapon
[22:42] kaede_ supervisor is awesome though.
[22:42] Corenat_Rovarnus yeah!
[22:42] Meroy How so
[22:42] Corenat_Rovarnus I think the supervisor is a pretty cool guy.
[22:43] Corenat_Rovarnus eh cusses alot and doesn't afraid of anything
[22:43] kaede_ its a girl and she is awesome.
[22:43] Corenat_Rovarnus I know right
[22:43] Meroy I think Corenat is one war late
[22:43] Corenat_Rovarnus no
[22:43] Corenat_Rovarnus it is you who is one war late
[22:43] Meroy That supervisor's yet another sneaky nina
[22:43] Meroy Never have faith in sushi
[22:44] Corenat_Rovarnus nah she's cool, she even agreed to give me free tickets to her wrestling match
[22:44] kaede_ true supervisor went verbal blow for blow against my servant.
[22:44] Aelms everyone just loves the supervisor
[22:44] Corenat_Rovarnus 3 hot women only clad in undergarments grappling in a bath of grease
[22:44] Aelms for her honesty and powerofpoo
[22:44] Corenat_Rovarnus and oil
[22:44] Corenat_Rovarnus good stuff
[22:44] Meroy Well
[22:44] Corenat_Rovarnus you should get tickets too
[22:44] Meroy Someone has to go word for word against blondie
[22:45] Corenat_Rovarnus dagwood's wife?
[22:45] Corenat_Rovarnus man she's vicious
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

ProZ Degrees: Nasuverse PhD, When They Cry Master
Posts : 6684
AwesomeSauce : 137

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