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SRP-A Interveiwing project

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SRP-A Interveiwing project Empty SRP-A Interveiwing project

Post by M. Ainsel on 2011-03-02, 14:44

So, me and Wayne are partners for this short term project (piss off Sandow).

I'm trying to look for a computer science article from James Reggia [see this. Other SMCS ppl, feel free to use this topic for your group discussion.

I'm trying to get this article, because it's just what I'm looking for (self replicating machines FTW), but it's a "buy me" article. Can someone help find a "shareware" version of this article?
Direct Link here:
UPDATE: NEVER MIND, found a way to get it on my own Razz
M. Ainsel
M. Ainsel

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