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Post by kaede on 2012-04-17, 00:02

Maybe I will be the only one here excited for this but FINALLY! a cross company crossover game(not counting brawl or mario and sonic olympic games those are just Nintendo games with characters from a rival company to make big bucks [granted this is the same thing]) in a SRPG that has a diverse cast of characters from there series such as Street Fighter, Sakura Wars, Xenosaga, .hack, Darkstalkers, the Tales series,Resident Evil, and numerous other companies.

I know there is a more likely chance of sandow giving up porn forever happening then this game coming state side ,and if it doesn't I think I'll be the only one who would be able to play it, but it is awesome that these three companies are coming together to make a great looking game. Now if only Nippon Ichi would join the fray...

If you want to read the original article here it is:

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