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Terran vs Protoss

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Terran vs Protoss Empty Terran vs Protoss

Post by InteroVegas on 2010-06-28, 14:06

Ok so first up, I gotta say this is the coolest matchup in starcraft 2, matches where you vs your own race feel annoying because they can make or do anything that you can. Fighting zerg is fine and all but they just don't feel hugely epic to fight against. At least for the terrans, going against protoss is fun and cool.

Anyways this topic is for terran strategies against protoss.

So I will quickly list some strategies and go into them more later on:
MnM (Marines and Marauders early game strike)
MMM (Marines and Marauders and Medevacs)
Marines, Marauders and Ghost (This is also an early strike strategy, great for pressure and very effective).
Hellion raid (They can take out zealot rushes and with good speed can invade and harass a base pretty simply).
Vikings, Medevacs and Marauders (Vikings cover against colussi and kill the protoss air units, Marauders can take out most ground protoss units with decent micro (they outrange the immortal) and can use stim pack on the rest, the medevacs cover for the marauders)
Mech Build (a popular generic terran strategy, consists of using tanks and thors in mass, the thors cover against air units and the tanks go through the ground units and the thors can provide cover fire against other ground units).
Banshee rush (This is a generic strategy for both use against zergs and protoss).
A mid game strategy I have, no its not that great, but I don't use it often is Vikings and Banshees in mass (The thinking is that if you own the air you can put any air units in it, and banshees are wicked air to ground units, while the zerg can deal with this moderately with mass hyrdas and the terran can use loads of marines that they probably already have, stalkers will go down really fast here unless you have loads of em, and a protoss player who doesn't see this coming will get destroyed - The banshees can handle the photon cannon).

These are the generic strategies I know of, I also know that adding 1 or 2 ghosts to any of these makes them so much more viscous against protoss, a well placed emp round can make or break a fight with protoss units.

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