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Starcraft 2 Protoss central Empty Starcraft 2 Protoss central

Post by InteroVegas on 2010-06-26, 10:24

The central topic for strategies, build orders, squad compositions and etc for the protoss.

Some basic strategies:

Immortals, colossi and stalker - stalkers in a good number can repel almost any anti ground air unit, battle cruisers and carriers will probably knock em dead. Immortals, as most of you know, rape any armored ground unit, which makes up most of the mid and endgame ground units. And colossi, beautiful support fire that really destroys and terran MMM or MM attempts. Mutalisk mobs are probably the number one bane of this build.

Warp gate mass unit rush - Warp gates take less time to make units, thus you can spam fest them, against terran a couple well placed sentries can keep your team alive and kicking. Don't forget that barrier can trap unit in, as well as keep them from moving past the barrier, even a proxy pylon nearby can be a huge help, you can use the army to intercept attacks from the enemy.

Warp units in behind enemy lines - those maps with a little hidden area in the corner of the opponents base (like metropolis) are very phase prism friendly, I like putting some dark templars in them mix with the units, so if they attack the same target it will take some time for people to realize they need some stealth detection, and in that much time dark templars can kick some ass.

Void ray mass - My personal favorite. First some background knowledge, the void ray ability is that they fire a continuous beam where the damage accelerates the longer the void ray is firing. Turns out that the damage does not reset per target, by time. In other words when you send void rays to attack a structure and the lasers powerup, if there is another structure in the immediate vicinity that they start attacking the lasers will be as strong as they were just before. So after all that, in short, against a mix of strong and weak units the void ray can destroy by powering up the lasers on the stronger units and then one shotting all the weak units without losing power, also crazy kickass for mowing down bases, the powered up lasers have taken down 3 buildings in 10 or 12 ish seconds, they can mow down the strongest buildings (like the barracks) in moments.

5 zealot rush - stupidly effective against people who dont have any kind of superior defense in place, terran wall block, tons of zerglings, photon cannons (which in more often then not protoss players dont use photon cannons, I learned better, and then zerg rarely have defense up early, except in a very special strategy hehehehehehe). But really in all seriousness, in a 2 v 2 match a combination rush of 2 protoss, 2 zerg or 1 zerg 1 protoss, is very viscous, and also seems very popular right now. (walls and teamwork are probably the only counter for this, but dont box yourself in as protoss you still need to be able to get some probes out of the base).

3rd warpgate strategy - fvck ton of warpgates - I have come to like this strategy more then void rays simply because it is fun (though also dreadfully effective), proceed to making 10 + warpgates, getting a couple warp prisms into play (considering they get killed real fast). I typically get dt's and blink stalkers with this. Proceed with trying a backdoor drop of dt's first (stalkers if they have detectors). Though if the area is already guarded you will have to either find a different area to drop in from or proceed to massing. So massing is about as simple as it will get, make 40 to 50 stalkers (against terran and ultralisk zerg you will want dt's, mainly because tanks and thors are a b1tch) or more if you can , though at 60 you are eating 120 pop in stalkers, and you prolly have already taken up 40 in probes by now. Take something like an observer so you can get high ground vision, kill any nastier units first, tanks, thors, motherships, colussi, etc. if they have abunch of garbage blocking the way up, blink stalkers into the base (up the side cliffs, past the units, w/e) and the dt's can be left to clear out the ramp garbage, and ramp garbage units are usually the kind to die in 1 to 3 hits (marines, stalkers, zealots, marauders, roaches, etc.). Meanwhile you keep warping in units as you can so that your army doesn't thin out that fast, or hopefully doesn't thin out at all. once you get rid of all the detectors, you can wrap up with killing the air left, then finishing off the units while the dt's finish off the base and w/e is left. If the enemy has managed to do some crazy anti air turtling onto an island (this really only applies in the 4v4 lava map, on all the other maps your stalkers can blink over to the island, well ok there a sparing amount of other maps too, like scrapyard /junkyard/w/e) and by some REALLY bizzare chance it is just you and him, first setup some rays and phoenixes to keep him locked in his island, then just use the mass rays strategy, if you have the whole map, and he is locked in, you pretty much won by resources.

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