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Weirdo Watch List

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Weirdo Watch List Empty Weirdo Watch List

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2015-08-10, 00:03

The Weirdo hunt is on! Please place all questions and reports of suspicious activity in Miscellaneous non-spam.
Upon my return at the end of the week I will tally up the reports and reward successful bounty hunters.
Bounties are listed in units of Awesomesauce.

Who the hell are these people - "Hallbera Ulfsdóttir", "Lyrissa", "Noada": $1

The Only Sane Man - "Darkgenesis": $-1
While his antics occasionally tax my cringe tolerance, he is technically not a true Weirdo and is thus authorized to post outside of the Weirdos ghettoRPG Korner.

The Physicist - "Tristan Sky": $2
Notorious reference-poster of Madoka and Bodacious Space Pirates memes. Is highly educated, do not tangle with if your rank is below Praetor. Wanted alive if possible, for scientific vivisection to gain insight of his abilities.

The Purple People-Eater - "snuffles": $1
This creature, while elusive, is nevertheless a danger to the general public. Wanted dead or alive.

The Jario Bros - "Jarrion Xanatov" and "Dekaru": $5
This dynamic duo is known for its rampant displays of over-exuberant, blatantly homoerotic displays of friendship and brotherhood. Terminate with extreme prejudice.
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