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Reverse Mafia: Cultists

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Reverse Mafia: Cultists Empty Reverse Mafia: Cultists

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2013-01-12, 17:05

This is a twist on the original mafia game premise that makes more sense plotwise and might be more fun to roleplay.

Instead of being innocent townspeople, you play as a new recruit to an evil bloodthirsty demon worshiper cult living on a secret island.
The mainland authorities have sent in several undercover agents to investigate rumors of bestiality and cannibalism under the guise of recruits. Unfortunately the cult's initiation involves a bloody ceremony in which each group of recruits must ritually sacrifice one of their own to the heathen gods every day for a week to prove their devotion. They must then defile and eat the corpse raw for sustenance.
Finding the gruesome stories horrifically true, the agents have decided to try and save as many people as they can before being found out and killed.

The setting means you can come up with actual relevant and logical reasons to lynch someone unlike the ass pulls in normal games. It also removes any inhibition to vote no-kill on the first day, because anyone who does that is clearly not a true believer.

Every day, the cult members will vote on who the daily sacrifice to Cthulhu will be. Preferably you would try to get the undercover agents/most unfaithful sacrificed first. Since you'll be dining on the sacrifice, decision factors can include how much meat/fat is on their bodies, taste, physical appearance, how pleased the Great Old Ones will be, astrological signs and phase of the moon, gender etc.
After the sacrifice is done, everyone decides on how the meat should be distributed. Dig in! Razz
When a player is sacrificed the possessions they brought along will be searched and taken in by the rest of the cult, so if they are a cop their identity will be revealed.
Every night the undercover agents choose a recruit to kidnap and deport back to the mainland for deprogramming. Such people are considered "dead" to the cult. They can only spirit away one at a time though to avoid attracting attention.

Special Roles:
Most Devout - 1 in every group will possess the gift of seeing who is truly devoted to the pagan idols and who isn't, however everyone thinks they have 'the eyes'.
Butcher - This recruit is unsatisfied with the slow pace of bloodshed and so can target one other recruit to slaughter at night to add to their personal meat supply. Unlike a traditional role, this will not be assigned before the game starts. Any player(including cops) can message the GM to perform the Butcher kill and 'take on' the role, but only the first complete target request submitted will take place. Once a Butcher kill has been performed the Butcher's identity will be revealed to all.
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