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Favorite Skin ideas

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Favorite Skin ideas Empty Favorite Skin ideas

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-10-11, 19:18

Skins that you think are just cool whether you bought them or not
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
Tyrant Swain
Blackthorn Morgana
Gatekeeper Galio
Arcade Sona
Mythic Cassiopeia
Lord Mordekaiser
Blood Moon Akali
Special Forces Gangplank
Nemesis Jax

Skins I want to see
Dunkmaster Darius: Wields a basketball mace/dribbles a ball off of enemies. Instead of floating blood drops for his passive, small basketballs appear. At 5 stacks, a basket hoop appears above them in place of the bloody symbol. Ulting will slam dunk the basket.

a legendary skin for garen
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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