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Post by Xenoe on 2011-10-28, 00:03

A girl squatted on the guard rail, balancing herself precariously on the barrier that separated commuters from a plummeting death. There was a hush murmur from pedestrians concerned about the safety of this girl, but nobody actually bothered to do anything.
With one sweep of her vision, she scanned the diametrically opposed horizon, thinking to herself how quaint it was that a the difference of a single river can create two such different clusters of buildings. The seemingly endless expanse of water that stretched as far as the eye could see, however, granted a feeling of consolidation in this curious foreign land. The connector of all life, water blankets all of the earth, at least water is the same everywhere,
However, there was something very disconcerting about the water in the bay that the girl couldn't quite put a finger on. The hue of the water was off. "Maybe this bay was just very sandy" thought the girl, but deep inside she knew that the coloration of sand would not be so pale, almost bleach white.
After a while, the girl started losing interest in the causes of this natural phenomenon and her mind started to wander off onto other subjects. Just as she was dallying on the little seagulls that flew overhead she felt the jolt of a great presence passing her on the bridge. She was brought back from her world of fantasy and entered a highly alert state for a few minutes, but nothing significant happened.
"Master, we must get going, the others are going to get word of us if we remain here, your actions very noticeable judging by the reactions of people passing you" said a disembodied voice whose origin was right beside the girl.
"Your right, I'll never accomplish my objective if I just sit here all... wuaahhh.." The girl apparently had forgotten where she was situated and attempted to stand up, slipping off the rail.
In an impressive act of instinct, with a one hand she deftly grabbed the top rail and lifted herself back to safety.
"Muuuuuu, I have to me more careful... I don't wanna die before I'm ripe old age" said the girl playfully, not a drop of sweat was on her brow, apparently unfazed by an event that would give most heart attacks.
"Nothing..." said the voice as the girl turned and walked down the bridge in apparent aimlessness.
This was not so, though, the girl had everything planned out from the start, her senses alert, her goal in her view and her life on the line.

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