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SD gundam Capsule Fighter

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SD gundam Capsule Fighter Empty SD gundam Capsule Fighter

Post by kaede on 2011-10-26, 16:19
Unlike it's MMO predecessor Universal Centuary Gundam Online (UCGO) SD Gundam CF is a game much like the old Exteel where you are put into a lobby and are thrown into matches based on your skill. (well least it was in the Korean version don't know if American version will be the same) In this game you use miniature versions of the series mechs from all of the series to date from the original to unicorn (don't know about AGE yet).

All in all this is a pretty good arena game where you can pilot any of your favorite gundams/other mechs and can kill your friends or random strangers to your heart's content.
The game will go into CB 11/2/11 and can sign up here: By clicking like.

(I honestly expect only one person to be interested in this)

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SD gundam Capsule Fighter Empty Re: SD gundam Capsule Fighter

Post by InteroVegas on 2011-10-26, 17:10

Hey I really liked exteel - except for how much they tried to exTORT from you, that game was effing impossible to get around in without buying in game cash.

And also exteel had a gey forced range requirement - I really wanted my pistols to have more range than - suicide mode.

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