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Day 1 RP

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Day 1 RP Empty Day 1 RP

Post by dinasemrys on 2011-10-25, 19:37

A white haired woman stared at the man kneeling on the ground. "Why do you do that all of the time?" The man slowly looked up and locked his eyes with the scarlet orbs facing him. "I am steeling my resolve. Although I will lend my power to the best of my abilities, I do not want to partake in the vile killings that will soon face me."

Without removing her eyes from the crouching man, the ghostly lady decided on a course of action. "I think we should stay as we are. It will be most amusing to see rats scurrying to their doom." The man broke the eye contact and stared at the ground. "Why are you treating this massacre as a game?" The woman laughed, "I'm sorry, my only information of the outside world came from some video games left in Germany. Apparently, a man named Emiry, or was it Emiye? Brought them 60 years ago. This servant system is just so like something from those games that I played".

The man stood up and stared at the grey walls. "Very well. Let them come. If they dare to defy my true master, they shall fall. Kingdoms have fallen before me. 12 more combatents pose no threat."

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