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Microtrend: housecall virus/ware remover.

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Microtrend: housecall virus/ware remover. Empty Microtrend: housecall virus/ware remover.

Post by kaede on 2011-06-19, 19:51

I know that most likely everyone here already has a virus/ware remover but even if you do this is one that is worth looking into. (and its free so no harm done)

I use Norton and my opinion sucks i did a full system scan on my comp and it came up with no problems when my dad got housecall on our computer it did a system scan and it came up with two Trojans and removed them. After i restarted the comp it was working in a good condition and made me want to get the actual product. (still will be taking my computer into the shop when i get paid on Wednesday.

If you want to get the program it is available here for free: If your having problems with your computer deferentially look into this.

Also just a side note Me or char wont be on till sometime later this week our computer will be in the shop. We can check the forums using my phone but we won't be on irc or anything.

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