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Rule Change Summary

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Rule Change Summary Empty Rule Change Summary

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-05-24, 13:19

So I'm compiling all the official rule changes in this one topic for quick and easy reference, will edit as more changes are ordained in the suggestions topic.
Unless otherwise stated, any rule or area not covered here is detailed at the original wiki:
If you are still confused PM me.

~~ CORE REVISION, v .01 ~~


The normal Master template's maximum character point limit has been increased to 150 and 30 of those can be spent on stats. You still must take 12 points of defects which do not grant extra character points. No change to Servantless because we will not have enough players to afford it. Also, the health point multiplier has been raised from 15 to 20, so calculate accordingly. This is to increase player survivability.

  • The "take 3" or d5 options for magic circuit multiplier are different, you can randomize with a d6, take 2, or buy your multiplier with points, 3 points per multiplier up to a max of 6, if you chose to buy it you start from 1.
  • Your defense combat value is now equivalent to your attack combat value when defending against the specific type of attack. The old system on the wiki has you use your ranged combat value for all types of attacks, which I thought didn't make sense.
  • Limit for Armor and Weapon levels has been increased from 26/24 to 64/60. Note that spells can have a weapon level.
  • Spell Variable Caps have been removed (ie., you can have spells with higher range than 11, more targets than 100)

Companions: Human or human-like companions start out with 4 in each stat for free. Nonhuman companions must be discussed with the GM for starting stats.

Rolling a natural 20 for your attack roll is an automatic hit, regardless of the target's defense roll. There is no critical hit or stuff like of yet. Likewise, a natural 1 is an automatic missEPIC FAIL. Not only do you completely miss, you earn the ridicule of your servant and everyone else for your utterly luckless condition.

Simplifying the elemental stuff: You pay 4 points to imbue a weapon with an element of your choice along with one of the 3 listed benefits on the wiki. NOPE.avi

Fake plates as they suggest make your choice of vehicle harder to track. However dealing with police might become troublesome if caught. Possessing a gun will be treated as a major offense if found out by the police forces. I know this is already on the wiki, but I'm posting it again because this game will have an active and competent police force unlike Grimwind's games.
~~ Patch .02: Vehicles and useless defects ~~

For each kind of vehicle there is a different cost and movement for each kind. Bicycle: (6) can move three spaces. motorcycle: (8 ) can move four spaces. Car (10) Can move five spaces. Other kinds of vehicles must be discussed and approved by the GM. Vehicles can have mounted weapons, armor, or other devices, which count as separate Items in terms of point cost.

NPCs: The GM team is in the process of filling Fuyuki City with a variety of unique non player characters to interact with and bring the world to life.


Impaired Speech:
A Serious Defect. The ability to communicate through language is another major advantage that humans have over other animals. If a character lacks these abilities, due to natural design or serious injury, he or she will be at a significant disadvantage. This ability does not refer to comprehension of speech, which is based on the Mind Stat and the Language Skill, but the ability to produce it. A hearing-impaired individual will have Sensory Impairment
-3 Points The character has a severe speech impediment, which will give him or her a significant (-3) penalty on rolls where clear or quick speech is required. This can also represent an entity whose speech is clear to his or her own species but on an unusual wavelength or mode that prevents easy communication with other races.
-6 Points The character can communicate with a range of sounds that carry emotional content but which are not language, such as the sounds made by normal animals.
-9 Points The character is completely mute with no way to verbally communicate.

Inept Attack:
A Radical Defect. This Defect reflects a character’s poor judgement in offensive combat situations, which makes it much more difficult to strike an opponent successfully. A character with the Inept Attack Defect suffers a penalty to the Attack Combat Value. The Defect cannot be taken if it would lower the Value below 0.
-1 Points The character’s Attack Combat Value is decreased by 1 Point.
-2 Points The character’s Attack Combat Value is decreased by 2 Points.
-3 Points The character’s Attack Combat Value is decreased by 3 Points.
[Increases at same rate. Pick a specific combat value to apply this to.]

Inept Defense:
A Radical Defect. This Defect reflects a character’s poor judgement in defensive combat situations, which can often place him or her in precarious positions. A character with the Inept Defense Defect suffers a Defense Combat Value penalty. The Defect cannot be taken if it would lower the Value below 0.
-1 Points The character’s DCV is decreased by 1 Point.
-2 Points The character’s DCV is decreased by 2 Points.
-3 Points The character’s DCV is decreased by 3 Points.

A Greater Defect. Free will has little meaning for a character who is Owned by a corporation, government, crime ring, or other organization or individual. Control over the character can be exerted through a variety of methods including blackmail, brainwashing, legal contract, technology, or just highly effective propaganda. Dire consequences await a character whose actions conflict with the mandate of the owning body. Owned should not normally be assigned to Companions; additionally, it is only applicable to Items if that Item itself impedes the freedom of the character who possesses it.
-2 Points The organization has partial ownership of the character; the character is subject to slight punishment for opposing the owners.
-4 Points The organization has significant ownership of the character; the character is subject to moderate punishment for opposing the owners.
-6 Points The organization has total ownership of the character; the character is subject to severe punishment for opposing the owners.

Reduced Damage:
A Serious Defect. The character inflicts reduced damage
in combat, possibly due to feebleness, lack of combat
experience, youth, etc. At the GM’s discretion, this Defect
may be assigned multiple times to indicate extreme damage
reduction. For example, a very old and decrepit grandfather
might have Reduced Damage at -30 Points: damage reduced
by 2 (-6 Points), half ACV added to damage (-6 Points), and
Damage Multiplier -2 (-18 Points).
[Choose from the options below, you may have as many levels in all of these as you want. Damage cannot go below zero.]
-1 Points Damage the character delivers in combat is
reduced by 1.
-9 Points The character only adds half his or her Attack
Combat Value when determining attack damage.

-3 Points The character’s Damage Multiplier (page 105) is
reduced by 1.

Significant Other (S.O.):
A Lesser Defect. A character with this Defect has someone for whom he or she will go to any lengths to keep safe from harm, even at the risk of his or her own life. The S.O. should be a regular fixture in the campaign. A one-night stand, or a cousin visiting for two weeks is a plot complication and not an appropriate S.O. The character’s sense of obligation towards the S.O. is enough that the character will take great pains to ensure his or her safety and well-being. Examples include spouses and steady boy or girl friends, teammates, immediate relatives (parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, perhaps very close cousins), and close co-workers (such as a cop’s partner). It is acceptable for a character to take another character as an S.O., provided the players roleplay this relationship appropriately. In this case, the S.O. relationship is always worth just -1 Point but is treated as a -3 Points Defect by the GM in terms of the frequency with which it affects the game. The S.O. Defect is inappropriate for most Companions and almost all Items.
-1 Point The S.O. is rarely placed in grave danger and appears infrequently.
-2 Points The S.O. is often placed in grave danger and appears frequently.
-3 Points The S.O. is always placed in grave danger and appears constantly.
~~ Patch v.03: Battle System overhaul and formalization ~~

On your turn you get an offensive action and a move action. Abilities that grant extra action grant offensive actions, but Masters cannot have an ability like this. Servant can pick you up and carry you up to their speed if they are next to you but this uses up both of your move actions for the round.
Action Types:

  • Offensive Action: Attack with a weapon or spell, starting the incantation of a long spell, or using a healing/other ability. Equivalent to a standard action in Pathfinder, most of the important things you do in combat fall under this category. You can convert this to get another move action, blah blah blah.

  • Channel Action: Same as an offensive action, except that you are continuing the incantation of a spell.

  • Movement Action: Walking, sprinting, traveling ability.

  • Defensive Action: A reactionary response to defend yourself, another, or a passive effect. Can be taken anytime, even when it is not your turn. This includes using a weapon to clash(but as a result not being able to use it during your turn), activating a defensive spell or ability, or other things that I deem appropriate.

~~ Patch v.04(9/9/2011): Living Quarter clarification ~~

If you have not purchased an estate, then you will by default have your start location as a hotel room that you are staying in, located in a randomly selected sector, unless you take the Homeless defect.
If you don't spend at least one round sleeping per day you will build up Fatigue stacks, 1 and 2 fatigue stacks reduce statistics by 25% each , 3 knock you out for 2 rounds or more.

[*]Homeless - 2 point defect: You lack a home and wander the streets as a bum. You do not possess a cell phone and when you sleep your location can be easily obtained.

~~ Patch v.05(9/12/2011): Movement Actions ~~


Added a list of possible move actions.

  • Regular move - Move up to your speed, no penalties or benefits.
  • Rush - Move up to twice your speed. You may only do this as many times as your endurance modifier per round, after which you acquire a fatigue stack. Servants cannot do this.
  • Full run - Use your entire turn to run, move up to 4 times your speed. Does not count against your endurance modifier.
  • Dodge - Prepare to move to evade an anticipated attack. If you prepare for the right type of attack you gain +6 to your DCV when rolling against it. You end up moved 1 square in a random direction. Does not work for magic attacks.
  • Carry - Your servant can pick you up and carry you up to their speed(unless their strength is lower than your endurance, but unless you're's hope we don't have to consider that.), this uses up both of your move actions.
~~ Patch v.06 (9/19/2011): NPC stationing ~~

New Locations Added - Police Stations, Town Hall, ?????, A72. Considerations for roleplay data.
Changed the effects of the Servant Magic Resistance Attribute.
~~ Patch v.07 (9/23/2011): The Ley Lines ~~


Ley Lines are massive flows of magical and spiritual force generated by the world itself. The knowledge and usage of them by Magi to fuel and strengthen their spells is almost as old as Thaumaturgy itself. However, except in special places such as a certain formation in England, the places that Ley Lines cross close enough to the surface to be accessed are few and far between.

    A magus can draw upon a Ley Line for one of the following effects:
  • Completely restoring health and prana supplies(up to 1000 points) of the Master and Servant(If applicable).
  • "Supercharging" the magus, giving additional multipliers to abilities and other benefits that vary for each individual.
    Each Ley Line can only be drawn on once per day. If multiple masters agree to share the line, the benefits will be divided evenly among them if they all access it together (50% of prana restoration/multipliers for 2, 33% for 3, etc.). The drawing takes 15 minutes to complete and cannot be performed during combat, any party taking damage will interrupt it.
  • Granting an extra command seal. This can only be used once per day and only if the Ley Line has not been used at all for that day. This ritual takes 2 hours.

    Committed Ley Line locations (with Added Alliterative Appeal trollololol):
  • Ryudo Temple (Sector 1, inner temple shrine)
  • Shinto Station Front (Sector 10, tall skyscraper owned by BaelHammer Corporation)
  • Harbor (Sector 8 )
  • Outskirts (Sector 4, uninhabitable and unSecurable)
  • Church (Sector 12, usable only at supervisor's approval, which should not be granted in most cases.)
~~ Patch v.08 (9/24/2011): Cantrips ~~

Every Master receives the following perks/abilities at no cost unless specific defects restrict it:

Name: Basic Attack (Melee)
Incantation: Whatever the hell you say when hitting someone. Does not increase 'casting time' or multipliers.
Description: A simple unarmed strike utilizing the physical body. "On-hit" effects can be applied, if you're into that sort of thing. Cannot be used if you possess a missing limb defect.
Effects: Weapon [1]
Range: 1

Name: Secure Ley Line (MAGIKKU)
Incantation: May the Force be with ME (I'm not serious)
Description: Places a magical anchor on a Ley Line so that no one else can use it unless you allow them. Can be broken, but only if a DC 30 Thaumaturgy check is passed, which takes half an hour regardless of whether the attempt succeeds or fails.
Range: Self or Touch

~~ Patch v.09 (9/25/2011): Long overdue(TBA) limit raising ~~

I should have done this a long time ago! Maximum skill rank is raised to 6, and all spell parameters are only restricted by the extent of the parameter table.

~~ Patch v.10 (10/5/2011): Random fix ups ~~

Updating the city map to show new locations.
Masters can transfer up to 250 prana to their Servant per 6 hour round.
Regeneration is per turn, not per round.
Items or abilities with Weapon Levels above 30 require at least one defect attached to them, preferably equipment restriction or limited use. The Incantation attribute fills this requirement.

~~ Patch v.11 (11/28/2011): Physics Revision ~~

After a jolly discourse with Amos in which I succumb to the 'slippery slope' logical fallacy, the game now has 'realistic' physics.
Also Ley Lines can give you command seals(See the Ley Line section for details)

Everyone has the following implicit defect:
Honor Code(0): Will not view other Masters' commands that are in spoilers. Breaking this code gives the Rule Breaker defect.
Defect - Rule Breaker(0): The Church of ProZ has denounced you as a cheating asshole and passed an executive order on you for Masters to cease all hostilities and prioritize your elimination.
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