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Go down


Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-04-02, 00:06

National Electronic Sports League Game of the Week for League of Legends featuring CounterLogic Gaming's last match together against LowELO on Friday April 1st, 2011. Also, Lee Sin the Blind Monk comes out today. Wooo. Isn't it ironic that I posted this after 12am meaning its actually the 2nd. huh.
Here's the ProZ IRC log from that day. It's pretty dam long. Wei-long, in fact. took up 20 pages in word. Such a shame if you weren't there. Anyways this is the most activity we've had for...basically forever lol we will never have this level again.

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Topic - Sh** just got real in Rule Breaker. Time to man up. Also, PENTAKILL WITH KAT IN LOL HAHAHHAHHAH
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[21:22] <Corenat_Rovarnus> WITH KATARINA
[21:22] <itsame273> u gonna watch the clg match or wut?
[21:22] * dave_cop feels uncomfortable
[21:22] <itsame273> it's about to start
[21:22] =-= Corenat_Rovarnus has changed the topic to “Sh** just got real in Rule Breaker. Time to man up. Also, PENTAKILL WITH KAT IN LOL HAHAHHAHHAH”
[21:22] <itsame273> they r already half done choosing their characters and done with choosing their bans
[21:23] =-= Mode #churchofproz +h Guest38511 by Corenat_Rovarnus
[21:23] <Corenat_Rovarnus> Your wish hast been granted, base varlet.
[21:25] <Guest38511> ^_^
[21:26] <Corenat_Rovarnus> um...Kai-Wen...why is it 6v6
[21:26] <Corenat_Rovarnus> spectators?
[21:27] <itsame273> it's 6v6 cuz 2 ppl r the comentators
[21:28] <Corenat_Rovarnus> why are they still picking champs?
[21:29] <dave_cop> at least they aren't talking about chuck norris
[21:31] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh wow epic jungle skills
[21:32] <Corenat_Rovarnus> whoa what the hell they
[21:54] <Corenat_Rovarnus> I'm predicting Lowelo's gonna win this round
[22:09] <Corenat_Rovarnus> haha i was right
[22:20] -->| Darkgenesis ( has joined #churchofproz
[22:20] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut the
[22:20] <itsame273> herro
[22:20] <Corenat_Rovarnus> amos!
[22:20] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lowelo just trashed clg last round
[22:20] <Corenat_Rovarnus> how they doing now Kai-Wen?
[22:20] <Darkgenesis> I heard
[22:20] <itsame273> they r still working on bans
[22:20] <Darkgenesis> A couple pretty asinine bans
[22:21] <Darkgenesis> shen
[22:21] <Darkgenesis> zilean
[22:21] <Darkgenesis> renekton
[22:21] <Darkgenesis> irelia
[22:21] <Darkgenesis> anivia
[22:21] <itsame273> btw if u don't get that, sion wuz fed crazy last game
[22:22] -->| BlackRain ( has joined #churchofproz
[22:22] <BlackRain> hey
[22:22] <itsame273> yay ferix
[22:22] <BlackRain> national elo
[22:22] <Darkgenesis> Left alistar again?
[22:22] <Darkgenesis> hows he been doing?
[22:22] <itsame273> not well
[22:22] <itsame273> dc for first blood
[22:23] <Corenat_Rovarnus> huh
[22:23] <itsame273> last game he dc'd and the other team got first blood
[22:23] <itsame273> then he wuz underlvl'd the whole game
[22:23] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh
[22:23] <Corenat_Rovarnus> sux
[22:24] <Corenat_Rovarnus> anyways it ain't good for me to watch cuz my bandwidth is really gay right now Sad
[22:25] <itsame273> lol
[22:25] <itsame273> ur mom watchin some azn ****?
[22:27] <Darkgenesis> sooo
[22:27] <Darkgenesis> clg looking kinda powerofpoo
[22:27] <Darkgenesis> cho and alistar on the same team?
[22:27] <Darkgenesis> I mean it seems like a useless pick of alistar
[22:27] <Darkgenesis> when you have cho
[22:30] <BlackRain> hes going ap cho
[22:30] <BlackRain> and hes really good at it
[22:30] <BlackRain> hotshot
[22:31] <itsame273> lol, twiz fail at casting
[22:31] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut
[22:31] <Corenat_Rovarnus> he actually did something?
[22:31] <itsame273> "hey guys, give me advice at casting"
[22:31] <itsame273> the commentators.....
[22:31] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow
[22:31] <BlackRain> wow
[22:31] =-= Mode #churchofproz -h Guest38511 by Corenat_Rovarnus
[22:31] <BlackRain> seriously
[22:31] <BlackRain> they are taking forever
[22:31] <BlackRain> to pick
[22:31] =-= Guest38511 was booted from #churchofproz by YOU (Guest38511)
[22:32] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut
[22:32] <BlackRain> takes longer than ranked matches
[22:32] <Corenat_Rovarnus> did they finish another match?
[22:32] <BlackRain> no
[22:32] <BlackRain> they still picking
[22:32] <BlackRain> for second match
[22:32] <Corenat_Rovarnus> so its still 0- 1
[22:32] <Darkgenesis> really?
[22:32] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow.....
[22:32] <Darkgenesis> I go to the bathroom
[22:32] <Darkgenesis> brush my teeth
[22:32] <Darkgenesis> eat a burger
[22:32] <Darkgenesis> they still aren't past amumu?
[22:33] <BlackRain> no
[22:33] <BlackRain> le is thinking really hard
[22:33] <BlackRain> watch them pick yi and jax
[22:33] <BlackRain> lol
[22:33] <Corenat_Rovarnus> that would be weird
[22:33] <BlackRain> finally
[22:33] <BlackRain> vlad and malphite
[22:33] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut
[22:33] <BlackRain> for low elo
[22:33] <Corenat_Rovarnus> funny how they all pick tanky characters
[22:33] <Darkgenesis> this is such a tanky match =.=
[22:33] <Corenat_Rovarnus> Sad
[22:34] <BlackRain> well
[22:34] <Darkgenesis> next pick : JARVAN
[22:34] <BlackRain> you want best of both worlds
[22:34] <Darkgenesis> jk
[22:34] <Corenat_Rovarnus> really...
[22:34] <Darkgenesis> but wtf is this there is no carry here besides corki
[22:34] <Darkgenesis> considering Ryze is an OT now
[22:34] <Corenat_Rovarnus> umm you realize at this level you really don't have carries
[22:35] <Darkgenesis> not even carry OT's . . . .
[22:35] <Darkgenesis> Amumu malphite Alistar are not dmg heavy in the slightest
[22:35] <Corenat_Rovarnus> malphite is....kinda
[22:35] <Darkgenesis> Cho' Gath played like a tank is not crazy dmg anymore
[22:35] <itsame273> lol, it's so amusing to watch the irc get spammed
[22:35] <BlackRain> ryze is powerful
[22:35] <BlackRain> and chogath is going AP
[22:35] <BlackRain> which he has a 1 and a .9 ratio
[22:36] <itsame273> lol, no lee sin
[22:36] <BlackRain> and still a big ammount of hp
[22:36] <BlackRain> rammus...
[22:36] <Darkgenesis> ew Ezreal
[22:36] <itsame273> kevin would be happy
[22:36] <itsame273> he is apparently watching as well
[22:36] <itsame273> idk y he isn't on the irc
[22:36] -->| Kevindakilla ( has joined #churchofproz
[22:36] <itsame273> told him to come
[22:36] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ah there he is
[22:36] <itsame273> o
[22:36] <itsame273> nvm
[22:36] <Kevindakilla> hi
[22:36] <Kevindakilla> rammus!
[22:36] <itsame273> herro
[22:36] <Darkgenesis> Sup kevin
[22:36] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow did they really pick ezreal
[22:37] <itsame273> yes
[22:37] <BlackRain> ezreal is GOOD
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> Yes they picked ezreal
[22:37] <itsame273> they did
[22:37] <BlackRain> u kiddin?
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> oh WOW
[22:37] <itsame273> he is good
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> another tanky character
[22:37] <BlackRain> BLITZCRANK!
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> holy powerofpoo
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ok...
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> YEAH
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> BLITZ
[22:37] <itsame273> lol so tanky
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> omg
[22:37] <itsame273> except for corki
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> these teams are bs tanky
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> they always go tanky for some reason
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> this is a tankfight
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> omg...
[22:37] <BlackRain> except
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ready the cannons
[22:37] <BlackRain> they are pretty good damage too
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> I sense a madreds somewhere in there
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> oh powerofpoo
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> kana kana Rolling Eyes
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> Their damage isn't pretty good compared to carries
[22:37] <Corenat_Rovarnus> are they finished picking?
[22:37] <Darkgenesis> maybe relative to a supprt it is
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> yea
[22:37] <Kevindakilla> they done
[22:37] <BlackRain> corki is a carry
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> support *
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> They are assorting masteries
[22:38] <BlackRain> cho gath can own
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> and runes
[22:38] <Kevindakilla> lol i g2g
[22:38] |<-- Kevindakilla has left ()
[22:38] <BlackRain> ryze has omfg damage too
[22:38] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut...
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> AP Cho isnt as tanky
[22:38] <BlackRain> hes like vladd's mirror
[22:38] <BlackRain> on clg team
[22:38] <BlackRain> alistar is amumu
[22:38] <BlackRain> rammus is malphite
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> he is a lot squishier than his friends beside EZ
[22:38] <BlackRain> ez is corki
[22:38] <Darkgenesis> NAh, rammus is tougher than malph
[22:39] <BlackRain> and
[22:39] <BlackRain> well
[22:39] <BlackRain> ryz and blitz
[22:39] <BlackRain> don't pair up
[22:39] <BlackRain> but you know
[22:39] <BlackRain> ITS STARTING
[22:39] <Darkgenesis> they dont pick matchups like that -.-
[22:39] <itsame273> lol, it could work, pull and prison
[22:39] <Darkgenesis> he didnt mean as a team
[22:39] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah epic 5 minute c
[22:39] <Darkgenesis> he meant vs each other
[22:39] <itsame273> o
[22:39] <Darkgenesis> they dont say "BLITZ YOU SOLO RYZE"
[22:39] <itsame273> lol
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> its like "hey that pull and tankyness will help with this move and this other char"
[22:40] <Corenat_Rovarnus> blitz isn't a 1v1
[22:40] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ryze is
[22:40] <itsame273> yeah, blitz not good dmg output
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> not spectacular
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> its so so
[22:40] <BlackRain> hes pretty powerful
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> felix
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> good means the top
[22:40] <Corenat_Rovarnus> he has great disables and stuff
[22:40] <BlackRain> for a tanky character
[22:40] <Darkgenesis> not just obscurely good
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> just about every dmg character does lots of dmg
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> some are better than the majority
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> they are the "good" ones
[22:41] <BlackRain> don't question
[22:41] <BlackRain> its their main
[22:41] <BlackRain> they are especially good with that character
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> doesnt mean blitz has amazing dmg
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> its ok
[22:41] <BlackRain> uncle ryze
[22:41] <Darkgenesis> not spectacular
[22:41] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut they picked that skin?
[22:41] <BlackRain> gentleman chogath
[22:42] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lawl great early game choices
[22:42] <BlackRain> maestro alistar
[22:42] <itsame273> arg can't tell wut skin the vlad is
[22:42] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh yeah whats the rune and mastery stuff they have up
[22:42] <BlackRain> baron vlad
[22:42] <itsame273> chiinese art is too epicz for this american art
[22:42] <Darkgenesis> wtf you saying maestro alistar?
[22:42] <Darkgenesis> its longhorn alistar
[22:42] <BlackRain> or nvm
[22:43] <Darkgenesis> LEVEL 1 TEAMFIGHT HERP DERP
[22:43] <Corenat_Rovarnus> they always do that
[22:43] <Corenat_Rovarnus> they did that the last match too
[22:43] <Corenat_Rovarnus> first blooded olaf
[22:43] <Corenat_Rovarnus> it is the sign of proZ
[22:43] <BlackRain> thats what your supposed to do
[22:43] <BlackRain> noone counterjungles in soloque though
[22:44] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lawl then you see us in normal matches
[22:44] <Corenat_Rovarnus> bumbling around until minions spawn
[22:44] <BlackRain> i try to
[22:44] <Corenat_Rovarnus> nobody listens huh
[22:44] <BlackRain> but i'm always alone
[22:44] <itsame273> lol, failtrain
[22:44] <Corenat_Rovarnus> also if I want to lv1 teamfight with you as kat
[22:44] <Corenat_Rovarnus> should i get shunpo cuz it hits for more initially?
[22:44] <Darkgenesis> we really need some more balanced team compos
[22:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> you mean for us?
[22:45] <Darkgenesis> yeah
[22:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah that's a good point but we don't roll together that often
[22:45] <Darkgenesis> We need some more solid range carries
[22:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> also my performance is variable
[22:45] <Darkgenesis> well I roll with Kai-Wen and felix a LOT
[22:45] <Darkgenesis> and kevin
[22:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh ok
[22:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> I feel left out Sad
[22:46] =-= Mode #churchofproz -h dave_cop by Corenat_Rovarnus
[22:46] <Darkgenesis> AMOS can I see both streams at once?
[22:46] <itsame273> u roll with kevin and felix more than with me
[22:46] <Darkgenesis> thats true, but u so busy : (
[22:46] <itsame273> lol
[22:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> in terms of time spent gaming
[22:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> from greatest to least it goes felix you kevin Kai-Wen me
[22:47] <itsame273> bad start for clg again
[22:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> and Vroopmaster just went da cold turkey
[22:47] <Darkgenesis> thats an assumption : P
[22:47] <BlackRain> what do you mean
[22:47] <Darkgenesis> felix never plays OT's
[22:47] <BlackRain> they are doing really well
[22:47] <itsame273> hey, i consider myself on the same lvl as kevin
[22:47] <BlackRain> rammus stole amumu's
[22:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> I said time spent
[22:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> not skill bro
[22:47] <itsame273> o
[22:47] <itsame273> k
[22:47] <itsame273> wutever
[22:47] <Darkgenesis> oh, no
[22:47] <Darkgenesis> I spend more time than ferix
[22:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> rearry?
[22:48] <itsame273> lol, pretty sure felix spends more
[22:48] <Darkgenesis> Im on often when he leaves
[22:48] <Darkgenesis> ive had a good amount of times
[22:48] <Darkgenesis> when all of a sudden I get an IM from kevin
[22:48] <Darkgenesis> and im like "AMOS is it 5 am again"
[22:48] <itsame273> lol
[22:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> this is on a weekday?
[22:49] <Corenat_Rovarnus> btw felix y u still in lol
[22:49] <Darkgenesis> sigh
[22:49] <Darkgenesis> this match is pretty fail right now
[22:50] <itsame273> uncle ryze!!!
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> bot is looking for CLG though
[22:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> what are they playing up to
[22:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> in matches
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> 2
[22:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> right so clg is screwed
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> depends
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> if bot makes the push
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> and forces the jungles
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> into bot
[22:50] <Darkgenesis> CLG could pull powerofpoo off
[22:51] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah well they aren't doing so hot now
[22:51] <Darkgenesis> Im trying to be nice to them
[22:51] <Darkgenesis> least elementz runs a tier list
[22:52] <Darkgenesis> though ive learned that these tier lists are more or less bull powerofpoo
[22:52] <Darkgenesis> just barely accurate
[22:53] <Corenat_Rovarnus> well yeah there is the observer/player difference in theorizing
[22:53] <Darkgenesis> you see champs who are supposedly weak get used by a good character
[22:53] <itsame273> skill and preference plays a lot more of a difference
[22:53] <Darkgenesis> and just crush
[22:54] <itsame273> they tiers r specific to elementz
[22:54] <Darkgenesis> like someone who is absurdly good with eve
[22:54] <Darkgenesis> makes crazy powerofpoo hapen
[22:54] <Darkgenesis> happen*
[22:54] <Darkgenesis> man if this game was us
[22:55] <Darkgenesis> powerofpoo would be happening
[22:55] <Darkgenesis> given wed prolly be losing
[22:55] <Darkgenesis> but powerofpoo would be happening
[22:55] <Darkgenesis> oh AMOS theres gonna be a third match?
[22:55] <itsame273> looks like it
[22:56] <itsame273> unless lowelo can turn the tables
[22:56] <BlackRain> clg is owning now
[22:56] <Darkgenesis> low elo needs a lucky kill
[22:56] <Darkgenesis> to change morale
[22:57] <Corenat_Rovarnus> whoa rly
[22:57] <itsame273> getting own'd
[22:57] <Darkgenesis> gg
[22:58] <Corenat_Rovarnus> clg won?
[22:58] <Corenat_Rovarnus> well now its a tiebreaker
[22:58] <Darkgenesis> well clg now has a huge lead
[22:58] <Darkgenesis> though its even in towers
[22:58] <itsame273> it's still the 2nd game
[22:58] <itsame273> 2 - 8 score man
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> hmmm
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> they could outlane em
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> unlikely, but possible
[22:59] <Corenat_Rovarnus> its a slim chance
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> does he really need to say the most obvious powerofpoo?
[22:59] <Corenat_Rovarnus> if they all run around 5 man ganking its really not an option
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> "vladmir took ionian boots of lucidity just for that extra cooldown reduction"
[22:59] <Darkgenesis> no powerofpoo
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> thats what they do
[23:00] <itsame273> lol
[23:00] <itsame273> this commentator sux
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> and more or less everyone watching this stream knows that
[23:00] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lol
[23:00] <BlackRain> gold stackin
[23:00] <itsame273> fcj is much better
[23:00] <Corenat_Rovarnus> remember last game
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> "catalyst is good for laning"
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> again, no powerofpoo
[23:00] <BlackRain> elementz is just gold stackin
[23:00] <Corenat_Rovarnus> they stacked a crapload of hogs?
[23:00] <BlackRain> lets ee
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> ?
[23:00] <Corenat_Rovarnus> are they doing that again
[23:00] <BlackRain> heart of gold
[23:00] <BlackRain> phil stone
[23:00] <Darkgenesis> it froze?
[23:00] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow....
[23:01] <Darkgenesis> there w go
[23:01] <Darkgenesis> GG
[23:01] <itsame273> yea def
[23:02] <Darkgenesis> they just got 4 kills off low elo
[23:02] <Darkgenesis> call me back later ima go run a round
[23:02] <Darkgenesis> this game is over
[23:02] <Corenat_Rovarnus> won't that take longer than the match?
[23:03] <Corenat_Rovarnus> its usually over in 30-40 right
[23:03] <itsame273> they surrendered
[23:03] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh
[23:03] <BlackRain> they surrendered
[23:03] <Darkgenesis> its a surrender
[23:03] <Darkgenesis> 3 said yes
[23:03] <itsame273> amos u there?
[23:03] <Darkgenesis> 2 votes left
[23:03] <itsame273> it's over
[23:03] <Darkgenesis> Im here
[23:03] <Corenat_Rovarnus> you know they probably spend almost as much time picking champions
[23:03] <BlackRain> wow powerofpoo
[23:03] <Darkgenesis> yeah
[23:03] <BlackRain> this is so epic though
[23:03] <Corenat_Rovarnus> than more than half the actual game time
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> the match lasted less time
[23:04] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> than the picking champs took
[23:04] <itsame273> lol
[23:04] <Corenat_Rovarnus> its just another manifestation of that boring planning thing
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> yawn
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> maybe they learn their powerofpoo
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> and ban rammus
[23:04] <Corenat_Rovarnus> btw what's going on with that Firefall game
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> instead of shen
[23:04] <BlackRain> 10k viewers
[23:04] <Darkgenesis> oh I should check the site
[23:05] <BlackRain> 13k actually
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> over 10
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> no over 13
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ITS
[23:05] <BlackRain> oh wow
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> it was at 5k when I joined
[23:05] <BlackRain> should i just play a custom
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> 10k when i left
[23:05] <itsame273> 13746
[23:05] <itsame273> just refreshed
[23:05] <BlackRain> for 3 ip
[23:05] <Darkgenesis> lets go play vs bots
[23:05] <Darkgenesis> for fun
[23:05] <Darkgenesis> I still need my win od the day
[23:05] <itsame273> lol
[23:05] <BlackRain> coop vs boots?
[23:05] <itsame273> sure
[23:05] <BlackRain> k
[23:05] <itsame273> lets g
[23:05] <Corenat_Rovarnus> thank you Kai-Wen, for that specific yet uneccessary statistics report
[23:06] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah count me in bros
[23:10] <BlackRain> shen anivia alistar currently banned
[23:10] <BlackRain> irelia
[23:10] <BlackRain> and zilean
[23:10] <Corenat_Rovarnus> holy crap twitch
[23:10] <Corenat_Rovarnus> he's loading slower than me
[23:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lol wut
[23:45] <Darkgenesis> cake
[23:45] <itsame273> damnit Kooay, i have a few deaths cuz u fed annie
[23:45] <BlackRain> clg won
[23:45] <Darkgenesis> CLG pwned it
[23:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> problem?
[23:45] <itsame273> yup they won
[23:45] <Darkgenesis> Im guessing that first match low elo managed to play fnny
[23:45] <Darkgenesis> and clg wasnt ready
[23:45] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow
[23:45] <Darkgenesis> now clg is just like "no fu we counter you"
[23:46] <itsame273> lowELO said "u mad bro?"
[23:46] <BlackRain> and they got mad
[23:46] <BlackRain> like the hulk
[23:46] <itsame273> and then CLG said "naw brah we duh nomads
[23:46] <BlackRain> they turned green
[23:46] <itsame273> and they carried like tryndamere
[23:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh wow
[23:46] <itsame273> rode those horses and shot shortbows
[23:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah
[23:46] <itsame273> and CONQUERED CHINA!!!
[23:46] <itsame273> lol
[23:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> and had a buffalo horde drag their moving capital city
[23:46] <itsame273> yup
[23:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> and the middle east
[23:46] <Corenat_Rovarnus> and russia
[23:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> too bad vlad
[23:47] <itsame273> o noez
[23:47] <itsame273> not africa tho
[23:47] <itsame273> so taric isn't sad
[23:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> no he is still sad
[23:47] <Darkgenesis> I sense a surrender 20
[23:47] <itsame273> lol
[23:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> because the white people enslave his people
[23:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> and force them to mine gems
[23:47] <Darkgenesis> for blood diamonds
[23:47] <Darkgenesis> err I mean
[23:47] <Darkgenesis> gems of the fifth age
[23:47] <Corenat_Rovarnus> yeah
[23:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> but taric was a special kenyan
[23:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> he figured out gems give you troll power
[23:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> so he put on his cool face and started healing his people like gandhi
[23:48] <Corenat_Rovarnus> u mad european oppressors?
[23:48] <BlackRain> low elo lost Sad
[23:48] <itsame273> they're not manly enough to b mad at taric
[23:49] <BlackRain> i kinda wanted them to win
[23:49] <Corenat_Rovarnus> tryndamere can
[23:49] <Darkgenesis> yeah
[23:49] <itsame273> lol
[23:49] <Darkgenesis> CLG is breaking up anyways
[23:49] <itsame273> clg is splitting up anyways
[23:49] <Darkgenesis> why is beyond me
[23:49] <Darkgenesis> GAY-MOS beatles
[23:49] <Corenat_Rovarnus> clg is breaking up anyways
[23:49] <itsame273> lol
[23:49] <Corenat_Rovarnus> just thought i'd say that so i can be redundant
[23:49] <BlackRain> must be the sexual frustration
[23:49] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wut
[23:50] <BlackRain> some actually want a life
[23:50] <BlackRain> and are leaving the group
[23:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> but they r all guys right
[23:50] <Darkgenesis> lolz
[23:50] <itsame273> luv how there's some random guy on the esl irc saying "hello i'm chris hanson, and this has been nightline on abc"
[23:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oh wow
[23:50] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wait so are you actually connecting from the esl irc?
[23:50] <BlackRain> i got udyr
[23:51] <BlackRain> now i just have to test out hte jungle path
[23:51] <BlackRain> before i go to sleep
[23:51] <itsame273> lol
[23:51] <BlackRain> udyr the programmer voices udyr
[23:52] <Corenat_Rovarnus> oookay
[23:53] <Corenat_Rovarnus> lol wut trolls on irc
[23:53] <Corenat_Rovarnus> apparently "lowelo won 0-1"
[23:55] |<-- itsame273 has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[00:01] <Corenat_Rovarnus> ok fine be that way
[00:01] <Corenat_Rovarnus> kick time
[00:01] =-= dave_cop was booted from #churchofproz by YOU (dave_cop)
[00:01] -->| dave_cop ( has joined #churchofproz
[00:01] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wait wtf
[00:01] =-= dave_cop was booted from #churchofproz by YOU (dave_cop)
[00:01] -->| dave_cop ( has joined #churchofproz
[00:01] <Darkgenesis> lol
[00:01] <Corenat_Rovarnus> WTF HE REJOINS
[00:01] <Corenat_Rovarnus> dam he has hax or something
[00:02] <Corenat_Rovarnus> must be that custom client
[00:02] =-= dave_cop was booted from #churchofproz by YOU (dave_cop)
[00:02] -->| dave_cop ( has joined #churchofproz
[00:05] <dave_cop> lolol i won't die that easy
[00:06] <dave_cop> gnight, gotta get up early for the umd thing tomorrow
[00:06] |<-- dave_cop has left (Quit: Leaving.)
[00:07] <Corenat_Rovarnus> wow.
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