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Minecraft Modding and Texture packs

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Minecraft Modding and Texture packs Empty Minecraft Modding and Texture packs

Post by M. Ainsel on 2011-03-13, 14:28

So, I've been sick of waiting for Wayne to finally purchase his copy so we can do SMP, so I decided to try out some different mods and texturepacks. Right now I'm going to talk about mods.
Unless the topic page for the mod says otherwise, your game must be modded with Risugami's ModLoader and Audio Mod before other mods can work properly. These can both be found here:
The installation method for both these mods is simple. After you download both and extract theme to their own folders, find the minecraft files. These are located at appdata\roaming\.minecraft\bin
If you are having trouble finding appdata, just search for it in your start menu. Your save files should be fine throughout the process, but back them up just in case (they're in .minecraft, not bin). Don't worry about messing up, because you can just delete the whole bin folder if you severely screw up and the next time you start up minecraft it will re-download a fresh new copy.
So, in the bin folder, locate minecraft.jar. Open it up using WinRAR (if you don't have it, its on Kelvin's files). Now manually drag all the files and folders from the extracted mods into WinRAR. After that, you MUST delete the folder named "META-INF". If you have mods of any kind, never let that folder stick around.
For ease of use, I've included a file of minecraft.jar with both these things already put on and ready for new mods. Just extract the file and place it over your current minecraft.jar

NOTE: Ignore the TFC Mod Manager thing, its a piece of crap that doesn't work 100% of the time. Just install everything manually.
This mod allows you to spawn minions to do your bidding! All they can do right now though is farm, mine, chop down trees and deliver stuff. Still, free labor! To install, just manually place the files from the .zip into minecraft.jar, just like you did with the base mods.
There are now other humans your world! Pretty odd but pretty fun, still haven't found all the content from this mod.
Installing this one requires a little bit more work, but not much. When you extract it you'll find a couple folders, a file and a README. The README has instructions for installing, but I'll tell you it anyways. Take the stuff from the "Inject into minecraft.jar" folder and put it into the minecraft.jar like you would any other mod. Close WinRAR and move on. Next you find the resources folder in .minecraft, and put the files from "place into resources" folder from the mod and slap em there. The last step is to put the properties file into .minecraft. Test it out to make sure you didn't F/UC it up.
Mo' Creatures v2.8.1
This mod is really, really awesome. Adds all sorts of new mobs to Minecraft, from transforming werewolves to placid birds to block smashing cave ogres, this mod really packs a punch. Best of all, its also compatible with many existing mods, including Human+ (don't know about MineColony though, but my guess is yes). This mod installs like human+ does, except you also need GUI api mod installed, which can be found here: . BE WARNED, this mod adds some very dangerous mobs, including the flying wraith and the WEREWOLF. The werewolf is impossible to kill at night without golden weapons, and still its a tough baddie. If you see a hobo wandering around in the day, kill him, he will go werewolf on you at night. Also, if you piss off an Ogre and decide to run away, don't run to your house because he'll just blow a hole in it.

That's all the mods I have for now, hope you guys enjoy them! I'll make a thing on texture packs later, including a few sample ones and a tutorial for how to get HD texture packs working!
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M. Ainsel
M. Ainsel

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Minecraft Modding and Texture packs Empty Re: Minecraft Modding and Texture packs

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-03-13, 18:50

You honestly don't have to wait for me to get it, you have 3 other people to SMP with; the Harrisons and Amos. Mo' Creatures sounds like a really..'obnoxious' mod as AMOS would put it.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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Minecraft Modding and Texture packs Empty Re: Minecraft Modding and Texture packs

Post by nullset12 on 2011-06-16, 07:32

SMP looks like SMD

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Minecraft Modding and Texture packs Empty Re: Minecraft Modding and Texture packs

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