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Free Pathfinder! No pictures though

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Free Pathfinder! No pictures though Empty Free Pathfinder! No pictures though

Post by M. Ainsel on 2011-01-31, 21:42

SHHHH, im not supposed to be doing this, but I though I would make a new topic just for you guys.
So I was browsing the Paizo website when I discovered something. Paizo is the best RPG Publishers ever, because their games are top notch, books are beautiful, and if your low on funds the rules are completely free!!!
These are the complete rules for the Pathfinder RPG, everything you need to play the game. This Reference Directory makes it possible for you nubs to learn the rules without having to buy the books or steal them online, although if you like the game I would still recommend buying the books, hardcopy is 99.9% of the time better to online or PDF because its easier to read and the artwork from Wayne Reynolds and various other artists is stunning (but I like how key terms are linked, thats really convenient), and it supports the company blah blah blah.
But wait, there's MORE! This reference guide includes the complete rules and text from not only the Core Rule Book (the only one *needed* for players) but it also has...
-Game Masters Guide
-Advanced Players Guide

Now if you still want "hard copy" but are too cheap to buy the book(s) off of amazon, ask Amos or Larry for the PDFs you want and then find a local printer to Troll To Death and print the several hundred pages.
M. Ainsel
M. Ainsel

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Free Pathfinder! No pictures though Empty Re: Free Pathfinder! No pictures though

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-01-31, 22:13

Problem, printers? COOL FACE

You don't even have to ask Larry and Amos for the PDFs, they're on my mediafire.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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