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Encrypting Your Flash Drive

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Encrypting Your Flash Drive Empty Encrypting Your Flash Drive

Post by Zhu Yang on 2010-12-26, 22:54

I've recently been thinking about password protecting some files and folders on my USB (games and movies).

I actually found a couple of neat freeware programs for this purpose. Below I will give a link to, description of, and my reaction to various softwares.

It's for protecting your simple .txt files. It can be used for holding your locker number, school lunch PIN, and all that good stuff. Very portable and easy to use.
(Click 'Overview' on the page to download)

Creates a TrueCrypt container that you can store files in, and mount later to access, move, or copy them. It is portable, but you will need to have administrator access on computers that it's not installed on in order to mount, and access the files (because it uses device drivers).

Very similar to TrueCrypt. Has an Explorer version available that doesn't rely on device drivers, so you can use it anywhere on any computer. However, from what I understand there is no on-the-fly encryption for the Explorer version. I will verify once I check it out.


Rohos Mini Drive:
Seems to solve the problems of the two programs mentioned below in that it can perform on-the-fly encryption and decyrption without the need for administrator passwords. Will be testing this out with games soon. Seems that the max partition size is only 2GB for the free version though...will check.

Rohos Mini drive doesn't seem very reliable. Rather slow, and I couldn't run any applications stored in the partition (the site said I should be able to but...). I could however open up pictures and .wmv files.

You're welcome to try to run games off it, but don't hope for too much.

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Encrypting Your Flash Drive Empty Re: Encrypting Your Flash Drive

Post by nullset12 on 2010-12-27, 11:03

I found a program in freshmen year. It got really annoying though

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