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New Forum Theme 2017

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New Forum Theme 2017 Empty New Forum Theme 2017

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2017-09-18, 01:35

Yeah, unless you're completely blind you probably noticed the site has been stripped of it's individuality and "flavor". This was completely unintentional and a result of overzealous experimentation.
While it is possible to just revert to a previous date, I think we are long overdue for a new look so let's open the discussion on that. Is there anything that was cool and should be kept?
I'm open to any suggestions on what the new style, colors, icon, etc. should be like.

Since Intero is probably not going to read this or remember what he said I'm preserving his small bit here:
Darkgenesis wrote:Engio: woah
Engio: the banner  [<== the current default one]
Engio: looks gross
Engio: though its time to ditch the lime green on red on black on white
Engio: switch the green or the red to a non clashing color
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