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Rust: Programming Language

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Rust: Programming Language Empty Rust: Programming Language

Post by Zhu Yang on 2017-09-09, 20:20

Rust: Programming Language Rust-logo-blk Rust: Programming Language 4368172?v=4&s=460
"Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety"


Claim to Faim:
Used in Mozilla's Servo browser engine (, which is part of Project Quantum: an initiative to "develop Mozilla’s next-generation web engine and start delivering major improvements to users by the end of 2017."
David Bryant, Mozilla Fellow wrote:We are striving for performance gains from Quantum that will be so noticeable that your entire web experience will feel different. Pages will load faster, and scrolling will be silky smooth. Animations and interactive apps will respond instantly, and be able to handle more intensive content while holding consistent frame rates. And the content most important to you will automatically get the highest priority, focusing processing power where you need it the most.

Guides: <-- Official (2nd edition recommended)
List of resources -
List of books -


Rust Playground (write and compile code online) -
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