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Go Link Dump Empty Go Link Dump

Post by Zhu Yang on 2016-07-23, 00:37

Complete Beginner:
The Interactive Way to Go -
^^^ Modern reboot -
OGS Learn to Play Go -
Crazy Sensei Welcome to the World of Go -
DerpiPlay’s Puzzle set! -

Daily Joseki -

Go Youtube Lectures:
In Sente -
Nick Sibicky -
Weiqi Master -

Smallest Groups With Two Eyes -

Professional Player Game Collections -
Waltheri's go pattern search -
Josekipedia -

GoKibitz (Embed move-by-move social commenting on go games) -
^^^ Scroll down for example -

Online Go Server -
KGS Go Server -
Dragon Go Server (Correspondence Games only) -
Tygem (Korean server) -
PandaNet (Client also streams Pro Matches) -
World Baduk Service -

Dave Peck Go. Email only, no signup/rankings/records -
GOBAN. A web app that allows you to edit Go boards online. Start from an empty board or load your own SGF files, and everyone you share it with can manipulate the board in real time.  -

Life in 19x19 -
Tiger's Mouth -

Legality of Digital Copies of Tsumego -
One Thousand and One josekis in 1 Hour -
The history of the world's best Go players (Animated timeline graph) -
Possible explanations for the decline of Go in Japan -

Go Drinking Game: "I've played a variant where White drinks a number of shots of liquor before playing instead of giving black some or all of the appropriate number of handicap stones: 1 stone = 42ml but the board and stones are the same... fuseki is fairly normal, middle game gets exciting, and endgame is challenging. The loser pays for the drinks..."

Korean Go Association's starter guide -

Level Up Series by Baduktopia

Learn to Play Go series by Janice Kim

Start a Go Club with free boards and pieces from the American Go Federation!!! -
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