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Extracting YouTube 'cover' images

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Extracting YouTube 'cover' images Empty Extracting YouTube 'cover' images

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2016-07-17, 01:50

Have you ever been tricked by clickbait into watching what you thought was a curvaceous swimsuit'd wench only to find it was actually a video displaying the distended belly of a very hairy fellow horsing around with pyrotechnics whilst in a state of deep inebriation?

Me neither, which is why I'm bringing to you today three easy steps to finding and potentially saving the highest resolution version of whatever image the video uploader chose to represent their video's public front on YouTube, FOR JUST FIVE EASY PAYMENTS OF NINTEEN NINETY NINE!!!!!*chokes on savings*

By default a video's cover image will be a still taken from a random point in the video itself, but "professional" channels usually put in a custom image.

  1. View the page source of the video (Ctrl U)
  2. Search for "og:image" (Ctrl F)
  3. The link in the "content" field is the cover
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Corenat Rovarnus

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