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Oracle VirtualBox

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Oracle VirtualBox Empty Oracle VirtualBox

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2015-08-25, 02:17

It's been forever since the last Hax thread was posted, probably because I am the only tech-savvy guru in this place. I'd settle for being only the most tech-savvy guru, being the admin and all(come back kevin haxxison Sad ). but I digress.

VirtualBox by Oracle is a nifty piece of software that makes it very easy to set up and run as many virtual machines as you'd like. It's got support for all of the most common operating systems and some great documentation if you get lost. All you need is some spare RAM, hard disk space, and a boot disc or disc image of the OS you want to emulate.
Utter retard wrote:But admin-sama, why would I wanna run one-a them VM doohickies? I only use my computer for faesbuk, emawl and chatroulette, and it works just fine!
Yes, virtual machines are mostly used by ProZ and tech corporations, so if you feel like being a noob I have a nigerian prince on the line waiting to give you his inheritance.
In all seriousness though, for the normal first world consumer sheep a virtual machine can serve as a great safety net.
Are you wondering whether downloading a certain program or making a certain system change will DESTROY EVERYTHING!?!11
No problemo! Whether its suspected of being genuinely malicious or just plain stupid, just boot up a VM and do whatever on there.
If VM is kill, just close it and your computer will remain as pristine as it was before you dun goofed.

If you are a certain someone coughninacough you may be foolishly allowing your lesser friends and relatives to touch your machine. They are bound to do something stupid or malicious at some point, so let them do it on the virtual machine instead.

Impatient forum browser wrote:JUST GIVE ME THE LINK ALREADY
Alrighty then.
[oh god why am I copying and pasting from two different browsers, cookie clicker is ruining my loyalty]
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