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Post by Gwain von Griswald on 2015-01-23, 15:59

A role-playing forum is intended to contain all the action, dialogue, and description relevant to the game. For the most part, the forum should read like a play, with you writing the PCs' lines and stage directions while I write the NPCs' lines, their stage directions, and anything that might need to be described. Of course there's a lot more to playing an RPG than just what your character says and does. You'll need to plan, devise strategies, and ask me questions. However, that should not happen on the forum, but rather handled through some external medium such as email, skype, or, preferably, roll20. Here are some guidelines:

Things You Should Post on the Forum

- What your character says

- What your character does

- What your character thinks and feels

- Skill checks and ability checks your character makes (these should be surrounded by * to separate them from normal text)

Things You Should NOT Post on the Forum

- Any kind of meta-gaming whatsoever

- How your character affects the world (that's for me to decide)

- Information that the other players and/or characters shouldn't know (I'll make a separate thread for events specific to only a few characters)

Here is an example of a good round of posting. Imagine Joe is playing Gurzock, the orphaned halfling berserker:

Joe - Gurzock's eyes scan slowly back and forth between the two fools standing rudely before him as he finishes a long draught from his foaming mug. He places the drink carefully on the wooden table in a manner that belies the rage storming inside him. "Ay, what was it you said 'bout my father?" Gurzock growls as his armored form thumps onto the creaking floor. He stands less than half the height of either stranger. "I've got keen ears and an even keener blade." Gurzock slides his hand onto the rugged weapon at his side and slides the pommel out just far enough that the tavern lights shimmer on the blade's surface. *Gurzock makes a charisma (intimidate) check*

(Joe now rolls a d20 on roll20 and reports there the numeric result of his intimidate score)

DM - The two strangers eye each other uneasily and one takes a step back. The other's voice cracks for a moment as he lets out a burst of nervous laughter. "Heheheeheh, it wasn't me good sir, just my partner heres was saying he thoughts you was from the Steppes, 'nd 'e reckons yous mustave 'ad quite the life." Meanwhile the man's partner shakes his head vigorously, attempting to deny to the halfling he has anything to do with this.

Joe - "My life is none of yer business. Now, is there anything you be wantin' to tell me?"

DM - "We 'idn't mean no harm meester, we's sure yous had lovely pawents!" the stranger, still shaking his head, squeeks in terror.

Joe - Gurzock's eyes flame with a sudden spark of furry. His blade flies free from its scabbard and plunges forward. *Gurzock rages and makes an attack roll against the first stranger*

(Joe makes his attack roll on roll20 and reports there the total. He also rolls for damage in case he hits.)

DM - In the blink of an eye, Gurzock cuts down the man where he stands. The other is visibly shaking, but too terrified to lift himself from the spot. Blood starts to ooze towards the man's feet from his partners body, now crumpled pitifully on the tavern floor.

Joe - "Me father sold me into slavery when I was a babe and me mother lost the money they got gambling. When I came back, they tried ter poison me on the Duke's orders. I slew them as soon as I was old enough ter life steel. My parents were not 'lovely' people."
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