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Crew of the Solstice

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Crew of the Solstice Empty Crew of the Solstice

Post by InteroVegas 2013-08-13, 11:57

ROGUE TRADER - Lord Captain Yoram Kalthar (Yo-raum Call-tharr)
Description: Captain Kalthar stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall. Rejuvination techniques and technology keep the pale skinned 463 year old captain looking not a day past 60 beyond his light grey hair. His face bears no scars but two metal plates around his ears. He sports a full groomed beard of 7 inches in length. Kalthar wears a shimmering overcoat of xenos hide studded with glimmering nano gems. His shoulders wear many war medals, many simply collected and worn for his own enjoyment.
Background:  Yoram Kalthar is the last member of his immediate family. His father was only ever able to sire him and his younger sister Meena. Alas Meena Kalthar was lost with the Desperado (another ship in the Kalthar fleet) in a warp jump at the age of 152. Yoram had no uncles or cousins and with the passing of his father and mother in a separate tragedy he was left as the only member of his immediate family. For centuries the Lord Captain carried on about his business and quite well at that. Yoram Kalthar wasn't particularly skilled in combat or crafty with trade laws but he was gifted when it came to gauging situations. Yoram has an almost magical intuition about when a deal would be too dangerous, or a simple smuggling errand would prove extremely lucrative. By the time Yoram was 350 in age he had resurrected his dynastic legacy but he had a new problem to face: His lack of an heir. Yoram was born unable to sire children and Meena's family had been consumed by the warp. Yoram still had years left on him but he needed to not only find someone who could inherit his dynasties trade warrant but someone who could continue strengthening the dynasty. To this end Yoram gathered potential candidates from distantly related families, pitting them against each other to see who would is most fit to take his seat after his reign ends.

NAVIGATOR - Arthurias Glademore
Description: Arthurias Glademore stands just over 6 feet tall and always a complex obsidian colored helmet with an ocular opening at the forehead region.He dons a lustrous hooded cloak over his helmet and otherwise wears dark form fitting clothes from his diamond tipped boots to his ultramarine vest. He is rarely seen in anything less than his helmet and tight fitting clothes.
Background: All that is certain of Arthurias Glademore is that he is from one of the families of the Navis Nobilite. What circumstances brought him aboard or what family he came from only he and the Lord Captain know.

ASTROPATH - Selena Faelyn
Description: Selena bears sleek black hair that falls down a perfectly shaped head and behind her narrow shoulders in a composed and unassuming way. Her skin is a deep tan color and her the space where her eyes once were are covered by a large intricately sewn silk wrapping. It is obvious Faelyn is an alluring beauty but her sullen composure makes her hard to approach for anything more than formal matters. Selena wears a long relatively simple robe of high quality silk that doesn't flow far from her long legs but doesn't inhibit her movement either.
Background: Selena like all astropaths was discovered by the black ships of the Inquisition and through some trick of fate or luck was selected for service other than in the choir that keeps the Imperium afloat. Lady Faelyn was put into service aboard the ship of an Inquisitor who traveled around the Calixis sector. When the Inquisitor found himself under attack by Orks only Kalthar was there to give him aid. Kalthar broke a deal with the Inquisitor as Imperial ship was being torn apart by the greenskins. The Inquisitor begrudgingly parted ways with the talented astropath so that he might serve the emperor for another day.

EXPLORATOR - Ontar Mekarn (Meh-carn)
Description:  Mekarn stands just under 6 feet tall and fills out his red tech priest robes. Strange protruding objects push against the robes around Ontar's chest area. Small round metal caps occupy the space where the man's eyes should be. Otherwise Mekarns features (those that are visible) are surprisingly normal. He has short brown hair with plain skin and thin hands good for manipulating the inner workings of machines.
Background: Ontar Mekarn is eccentric as any tech-priest, much less one that chooses to leave the mechanical labyrinths of forge world Zolk. He can be seen occasionally ranting to an unlucky crew member about the notion of "Darwinism" (Some pre-imperium scholar's teachings). It is for his work with those very teachings that he travels around. Mekarn believes that he is limited by staying stuck in his cage and only in venturing forth across the void can he see what needs to be seen to finish his research.

VOIDMASTER - Rivaille Gem (Ge as in get)
Description: 5"4 with short rough black hair, dark skin, and deep blue eyes. His left cheek is branded with rune of some sort and his mouth is wider than most. He is well muscled individual.
Background: Rivaille Gem was born and raised in space station Vatrenova-2 at the very edge of the Calixis sector. 1500 years past regiment of imperial guards stationed in the system took xenos help to put down heretics. In turn the Inquisition came and commenced exterminatus on the entire system. The people of the station were left to rot in silence in their dark corner of space. Worshippers of chaos that hid among the population of Vatrenova-2 were free to spread their corruption now that the system had become a barren and cursed place that most travelers would avoid. In this micro-chasm of reality Rivaille was born into the labor echelons. He was branded at birth to mark his rank in society and slaved away transporting miners from the station to and from passing asteroids. A rare visit occurred one day, an Inquisitor traveling out the halo stars in pursuit of something confidential stopped at the station to resupply and repair his ship. An astute woman, the Inquisitor caught on something was amiss on the station and conducted an investigation. Several probed officials later the cultist ways were uncovered and full scale assault on the station commenced. Being comprised of mostly unarmed civilians the station was massacred. However, in the ongoing fight much of labor echelon fought and died for the Inquisitor and the very few that remained were spared their lives, instead moved to penal worlds to be of continued use to the Imperium of Man. Vatrenova-2 was torn apart and the parts moved to forge worlds or sold those who had interest buying. Lord Kalthar was in need of void faring crew he could rely on for his upcoming endeavor and pulled some strings to slide a few thousand able bodied men and women to his ship instead. Rivaille among them quickly worked up through the ranks impressing superiors through his practical skill and ability to think on the spot. Now he stands at the helm of the bridge steering the Solstice wherever Lord Kalthar wishes.

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