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failure Empty failure

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2013-02-17, 23:57

You just know things are that bad when I'm so desperate I try to recruit camwhorebots to the forum

dollsky63: hii there ... I dont recall when i got you're a 24years old female... you?
me: 43 male (this is true)
dollsky63: I'm not desperate hehe I just like talkin to ppl online Smile especially thru cam... do u webcam?
Sent at 23:23 on Sunday
me: Before I answer that question, I want to know, what's your opinion on the existence of a secret US military drone base in Saudi Arabia?
dollsky63: ah ok Smile are you on any dating sites? I'm trying to remember where I found ya..
Sent at 23:37 on Sunday
me: yeah, I'm on Church of ProZ
you probably know all about it
dollsky63: I wanted to join adult Friend finder but they charge too much, so I use slicecams instead, have you heard of it?
me: yes, but Church of ProZ is way better, I use,it and I think you should too
dollsky63: My personal page is ... and if you click Accept Invite on the bottom left it'll let you see me on full screen Razz
me: no, YOU accept MY invite on Church of ProZ, it's the best
your powerofpoo doesn't even compare
dooooo eeeeeet
dollsky63: ok after u join you just select the login now button and make a username for our chat Smile just complete the signup page so we can webcam there, im gona log off of Yahoo(also true) in a sec
Make sure you give the admin an internet
You know you want to
dollsky63: well, I have a fetish for bein on camera Razz its a naughty thing i know but I'm a naughty girl Wink
me: Good you'll have no problem breaking the law in service of the glorious administrator
which you'll give an internet btw don't forget about that
dollsky63: its free with my membership, im a VIP on there haha... i just love to show my pussy online... andd I can squirt lol, have you ever seen a girl squirt? Wink
me: You can do that while upvoting all m- er, the admin's posts and giving internets
upvote everyone else's posts while you're there too I'm sure they will appreciate it
dollsky63: credit card is just to verify your age, it's free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member...but if we go ultra private you may have to show me that your a generous man hehe
me: You're not actually 24, you're younger right?
dollsky63: yup, then once your logged in my video will appear again right in front of you, and you can join me for some private time Wink
me: You are actually only 12 years old, is that right?
dollsky63: yea just follow through it and then make a username for our chat babe, and we'll be connected live Smile then i'll do a buncha naughty things for you lol
Sent at 23:48 on Sunday
me: Dam I knew you added me from CoD
dollsky63: k
me: Stay owned scrub
dollsky63: are u in babe??
me: Noob tube won't do powerofpoo for you
dollsky63: what's wrong?
me: eeeewwww what's wrong with your face
dollsky63: k
me: Do you even lift?
Sent at 23:51 on Sunday
me: What's wrong is that you aren't on Church of ProZ, being a pro
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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failure Empty Re: failure

Post by The Lord Kelvin on 2013-02-18, 11:09

The Lord Kelvin
The Lord Kelvin

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