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Pop Culture Overdosed Empty Pop Culture Overdosed

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-11-25, 00:04

I notice that everything in this list is extremely popular.
Long runners create trope density, but either critical trope density is a definite factor to how well known a series is or I just spend far too much time on TV Tropes.
How many of the shows/games/series on the Trope Overdosed list have you NOT at least heard of or remember a character from before reading the list? I guarantee you will have heard of everything in the first and second categories.
PS: Ness and Lucas in Brawl are from MOTHER so if you played Brawl...

The ONLY ones I have never even heard of before are Monkey Island, Mazinger Z and Suikoden at the very bottom. That's it.
I actually know about Slayers, Pretty Cure, Whateley Universe and World of Darkness purely from reading their pages on TVtropes.

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