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Capitalist Pig Day 1 RP

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Capitalist Pig Day 1 RP Empty Capitalist Pig Day 1 RP

Post by Capitalist Pig on 2011-10-25, 08:11

"So this is the great Fuyuki city. Nice place," said the man. The man behind him, thinking "I have walked the halls of heaven and the bowels of Earth. Nice place my ass." He said nothing, staring forward with his legs behind his head, floating awkwardly several centimetres above the ground. "We're really unprepared, aren't we. Whatever. Let's kill this sons of shamuts and kick them in the khabeez ballsacks", uttering a swing of other swears in his tongue. "أنا مستعد للقتال." "Idiot", thought the man in the back.

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