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Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2011-10-24, 09:44


(Video no work for you? TOO DAM BAD)
Two figures stood overlooking a strange looking board on a circular table, with a single central leg supporting it from the floor. The rest of the room was pitch black except for a markedly plain blue flower-shaped chandelier hanging down from an unseen ceiling, shedding only enough light to illuminate the table and outline their faces. The figures appeared to be Oriental men of medium height, one wearing a blue cloak, the other violet swirled with black. The board was engraved with large overlapping rectangles with enigmatic rune like characters at random intervals along their edges. Smaller circles were engraved haphazardly inside the rectangles, some of them with what looked like chess pieces contained in them, some of them empty.

"Alright, enough prodding. I'm here. What do you want me to do?", the one clad in black prompted grumpily.
"Hey man, it's your game, you gotta start it. Everyone's waiting!" the other replied in a more upbeat manner.
"I expected an audience....where is she..." the first man idly browsed the pieces on the board. He sighed.
"I was thinking that the two of you would have a lot more involvement in this, but in the end, the burden is on me. He's probably going to show up at the last minute and claim credit for supposedly 'helping.'"
"The Composer is a busy man, brother." Blue cloak consoled.
"I'm sure he is." was the sarcastic reply.

The man in black and violet suddenly perked up, a golden glint in his eyes. "You're right, this is my idea in the first place." He clasped his hands together and rubbed them slightly. “Hell, it’s about time I brought it to fruition!” He then began circling the table making wide sweeping gestures while vocalizing in an archaic language. Ethereal specks of dust streamed from his hands, and the engravings on the board began to glow. One by one, additional pylons pieces began materializing in the circles, now becoming distinct colorful figurines instead of chess pieces. A miniature metal dome appeared in the top left hand corner.

Black cloak struck a pensive posture. "Ok, I'm a bit indecisive about whether to place the great nons in what may not be a worthy trial..." A soft wind rustled through the room, where rightfully there shouldn't be any wind at all. The sound of a single footstep echoed through the chamber, its source coming from directly behind the man in the black cloak. He stopped and whirled around, resignedly intoning "Nice try, Composer, it never wor-" He stopped as he saw who it was, a Caucasian man with blond hair and piercing red eyes, dressed in a black 3 piece Armani suit. It was not the Composer. “Oh. Didn't expect to see you here, G-” The white man put a finger to his lips and indicated a spot on the board. “You understand there's a very real chance of perishing. They may be pawns, but when you descend to their level you're as mortal as the rest…very well then.” The white man nodded, and stepped back, fading into darkness. Both board and black mage ceased their frenzied arcane activity, but the former continued to pulse with energy. The man in black and violet crossed his arms, satisfied with his handiwork, but then noticed something odd. He leaned down and picked up one of the figurines, a man on horseback.
“This really bothers me, but…”
“It’s all good, I decided to take care of that for you. You don’t like it?”
“I guess due to time constraints it just has to work.” He replaced the piece.
“I really wish we could do this in a more favorable setting, the connotations and everything all make it seem so contrived and meta.” They both unconsciously glanced simultaneously at the fourth wall of the room, immediately averting their gaze as if it was transparent and someone were watching them through it. “That’s…not the audience I had in mind.” The man clad in black shuddered and shook off the paranoid feeling. He made one final dramatic gesture and ceased moving, but this action set the entire room into motion, a rhythmic vibration from floor to ceiling similar to an earthquake. “Yesss…”
A flurry of red sparks swarmed around the room, bringing into sharp relief 7 deep metallic bowls, each one of a different shade, placed at regular intervals along the walls. He attempted to snap. “SNOP. Fsck.” The second attempt was successful, and flames leapt out of each bowl sequentially until the room was fully lit. The man clad in blue shook his head in approval and started clapping. Amidst all the commotion and rumbling, they both smiled. A great event had been set into motion. A third figure came and stood beside the blue man. Double doors of pure light opened in midair, and the man in violet and black turned and departed through them as the other two watched.

“And there he goes….The Holy Grail War…hass begun.”
“Oh, very good!”
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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