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Defcon : Everybody Dies

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Defcon : Everybody Dies Empty Defcon : Everybody Dies

Post by kaede on 2011-08-12, 17:32

Defcon is a RTS created by British indie game developers Introversion Software. The game takes inspiration from old movies like Wargames and Dr. Strangelove and puts you in charge of a country (North America, Mexico and South America, Africa, Europe, Russia, and Asia [no Australia because historically they dont have any nuclear weapons]) and your tasked destroying the opposing countries while keeping your losses to a minimum. The game has rather simplistic graphics but this is honestly not a bad thing (unless your a graphic whore there are mods to make the game prettier) and really give the feel of being a general during the cold war. One thing I also liked was the soundtrack really set the mood for the game.

The game is available on steam for $9.99 (or $19.99 and you get a couple of other games) and is fully updated and such but I will upload the version my brother has (1.0 with no way to update it and play normally unless you have a key) so people interested can play. Also here is a video to show what it looks like and the gameplay

Edit: not very good at describing this game but its a pretty good game.

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