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Servant Battles...... OF EPICNESS!!! (tourney brackets)

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Servant Battles...... OF EPICNESS!!! (tourney brackets) Empty Servant Battles...... OF EPICNESS!!! (tourney brackets)

Post by The Lord Kelvin on 2010-10-31, 22:06

PLZ DUN POST ON THIS THREAD, IT'S FOR INFO ONLY (post any questions on the rules thread)
Servant Battles...... OF EPICNESS!!! (tourney brackets) Servan15

Class: Saber
True identity: Nina
Alignment: Neutral

Strength: C 5
Endurance: B 7
Agility: C 5
Mana: A 9
Luck: E 0

Bravery A 5
The ability to cancel mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and mesmerization and increases melee damage by one rank.

Eye of the Mind (True) A 5
Capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament. Being able to predict how the enemy will attack and from where, chances of winning are greatly improved even in the most dire of circumstances.

Protection from arrows A 5
Can track any kind of thrown weapon with eyes and deal with them regardless of range or spread.

Noble Phantasm:

Library of Great Knowledge
Rank EX Anti-World 15
Nina’s Reality Marble that appears as a great field surrounded by books that only she can open and a large tree in the center of her world. While she is within her world she is capable of reproducing any great ability or item she has seen, whether it be in a book, visual novel, anime, or video game but the ability is downgraded by two ranks ex. she recreates sabers Excalibur instead of it being A++ it would be an A rank attack or if she creates majoras mask she cannot drop the moon but can drop a large meteor that can destroy half a a city.

Library of Great Knowledge-Weapon Creation
Rank B Support 9
Her only ability outside of her reality marble with it she can recreate a perfect copy of any weapon she has seen in her lifetime ,be it real of fictional, but like her reality marble the weapon is downgraded by two ranks and if the weapon has a magical ability it too is downgraded while NP weapons recreated lose their ability and are just strong weapons. Example. She recreates the Master Sword from the Zelda series but when used by one of an evil heart uses it it just burns the one who grabs it instead of repelling them, and a created Gae Bolg cannot pierce the heart of a target automatically.
In high prana she can make an unlimited number of items
In medium prana she can make up to 25 items
in low Prana she can make up to 15 items
In no prana she can create 5 items

True Name:Houyi the Archer


Measures whatever one has Divine Spirit aptitude. At high levels one is treated as a mixed race of a materialized Divine Spirit, and the level declines when the Heroic Spirit's own rank as a Monster, Demoniac Beast raises. It can also decrease due one's dislike for the gods. It also has an effect which reduces special defensive values called "purge defense" by an amount equivalent to the rank of Divinity. It can break down Skills such as Protection of the Faith.
[Description] original value as a 1/2 demigod
Natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent.
[Description] Leadership skills increases

Noble Phantasms:30
Bow of the sun-birds(EX anti-world)
This bow can shoot arrows at .5 speed of light, when unactivated. When activated, it can fire an arrow that, in addition to being so fast, has enough mass to implode whatever it comes into contact with. However, it can only be activated:
No mana:5 times
Low mana:9 times
Sufficient/Good mana:15 times
High/Extremely High mana:20 times
Also, any object can be used as an arrow, regardless of the state of activation.

Youqiong people(EX anti-army)
Houyi's people support him as a hero, and have each trained in Archery.
There are:

No mana:10
Low mana:30
Sufficient mana:50
High/Extremely high mana:100
They each have the following stats:

the following abilities:
Chinese Martial Arts:A
A Chinese rationality. A value that measures one's mastery of the martial arts that made becoming one universe as its objective. Its difficulty to learn is of the highest level and, unlike other Skills, it is at A Rank that one is at a level where he is said to have finally "learned it".
Expert of Many Specializations:C Access to and use of many expert skills.
[Description] A total of 18 different skills ranging from tactics, academia, espionage, assassination, swindling, rhetoric and others can be used with proficiency of Rank B or above.

and bows equal in power to D+ rank noble phantasms.

True Identity: KUEH
Class: Lancer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Bio: Wayne from an apocalyptical future, he is determined to trollololololi in the past.

Strength: E
Endurance: B
Agility: C
Mana: A
Luck: C++(6)


Name: Clairvoyance
Rank: A
[Description] Superior visual perception. Supplement long-range aiming and increases dynamic vision. Furthermore, it allows other forms of perception that are beyond normal eyesight (X-ray vision and the sorts). At this level not only is the visual spectrum taken in, but also radio, infrared, ultraviolet and everything in between can be seen. 360 degree vision that penetrates all objects with a range that reaches up to 14 miles is achieved, effectively letting Lancer know where the enemy exactly is.

Name: PhD in *chan Science and Arts University(Mental Pollution)
Rank: /b/(B)
b1tches don’t know about my /sci/ence. newfags keep trying to tell me my dope is BS, but they can’t triforce so I don’t give. they see me rollin’, they hatin’.
[Description] Due to possessing a distorted mentality, it is highly possible to shut out any mental interference. However, at the same time it becomes impossible to come to an understanding with individuals that do not possess an equivalent rank of mental pollution.

Name: Loopy Shwoopy Arms(Knowledge of Respect and Harmony)
Rank: B
Years of practice spent demonstrating the validity and power of Troll Science have honed his ability to spastically flagellate his arms with lightning speed into shapes and distances impossible for normal flesh to achieve. They can be restored to normal size and shape at will, but then why do that when more rabid spasming will still raep mudkipz and take less time? Not only do you not know when and where it comes from, you don’t know WHAT or HOW exactly you get hit. U jelly?
[Description] Prevents decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless how many times it is used against the same opponent. Any and all actions cannot be perceived by the enemy.

Noble Phantasms

Name: Excalibolg & Hruntdearg (18)

Rank: EX

Type: Anti-army

[Description] In the future, they discovered how to melt down Noble Phantasms. This is a product of taking Excalibur, Gae Bolg, Gae Dearg, and Hrunting, throwing them into a pot, and melting them down. The metal with the combined powers of all four noble phantasms is then reforged into a golden and a black spear each 2.5 meters long. Incorporating the powers of all four noble phantasms, when charged of Mana and thrown, the spear can reach speeds of mach 32 and flies directly at a predefined area of the enemy. Taking Gae Bolg's ability, it reverses causality and cannot be blocked or evaded, though the target can be predefined before thrown and does not need to target only the heart. The damage can be slightly mitigated through high luck or instinct to result in a blow that is not yet fatal, but it can also now completely pierce anything similar to Rho Aias with its new found power. Due Gae Dearg’s ability, the spear also pierces any magical protection(condoms are useless), and negates any spells applied to it or that is touching it. The thrown spear can be detonated on command in a wave of photoelectric energy that brings an area of 100 meters around the spear into oblivion, the spear is not destroyed by this blast. Thus once the spear is lodged in the opponent due to Gae Bolg's ability, it can be detonated for an unavoidable explosion killing the opponent of Lancer from the inside out, thus the only method of avoiding the spear is existing on a separate plane of existence. Existing as a pair like Kanshou and Bakuya, the spear still in Lancer's hands can be activated to drag the other spear into Lancer's hands, or drag Lancer to the destination of the other spear at speeds reaching mach 6.

Name: Troll Physics

Rank: D

Type: Enlightenment(Madness(Support))
[Description] The ability to utilize troll physics in the real world! Common citizens, magi, and even most Eirei are ignorant of the various potential uses of magnets, rubber bands, and light among other things, but he doesn’t have such puny restrictions due to the ‘limited’ extent of current conventional /sci/ence! Can double jump indefinitely by either freezing blocks of air or carrying various objects(ie. shoes and chairs) and jumping off of them, and can fly by sitting on a chair with handles and lifting it, or by lifting foot through own strength. Can generate INFINITE ENERGY with looping circuits(eg. Solar panel connected to light bulb shining on it) and achieve relativistic speeds via light as a propellant, usually with a flashlight. Pulling random objects completely out of thin air, thick air, regular unleaded air(not fly like a g6 though), or his ass is no problem at all with the patented ??????....PROFIT!!!! Methodogogy. Going at relativistic speeds can be hard to control though, and thus this method to travel is not very efficient. Also quantum tunneling is possible by walking at a solid object for a few minutes. These are just the basic tenets of the power, further details can be obtained at
Problem Einstein/Newton/Physics/Groundfags?

Class Rider
Servant: Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Traits: 26
Strength: C - 5
Agility: A -9
Endurance: B - 7
Mana: C - 5
Luck - E - 0


Magic Resistance: A - Cannot be harmed by modern day magi
Riding: A: All creatures but those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.
Mystic Eyes of Death Perception A - As the living embodiment of death himself, he can use these eyes. The eyes are not really different set of eyes but are a circuit (possibly similar to a Magic Circuit) that opens up in the users brain and normal eyes, allowing them to "perceive death" in the form of lines and dots. The user in question is the only one who can touch or use these lines and dots. As the essence of death himself, he is not affected when attempting to percieve the "death" of inanimate objects such as noble phantasms, bounded fields, or even the universe.

NP (21)

The Horse of Death: EX Anti Fortress : Automatically appears with rider. Him and the horse were given power over the ability of death itself by God. Anything in contact with him immediately dies if their luck is <= C and anyone within a 3 mile radius is stricken with severe illness and hunger pangs that cause massive physical damage and mental damage if their endurance + mana level is not > his. People with above the mana + endurance level suffer from a headache and lose one rank in their agility, endurance, and mana. People with above the C luck rank suffer from "massive damage" == 1/2 health lost. This ability is not mana based but rather an inherent ability that is powered by Hades himself. Also causes irreparable damage to structures and buildings or bounded fields created. In addition, this horse is powered by Hades and he and the rider recieve a "mana burst" type thing as a result. They can reach speeds in excess of Mach 4.

The Scythe: C Anti-Unit : This scythe has the ability to instantaneously pass through flesh and armor to strike at any point within a persons body. Whether this refers to mana, or points of death, damage is done as organs and flesh are rendered unhealable. Can also be used normally as a medium range weapon.


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Saint John the Evangelist at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. Jesus Christ opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth the four beasts that ride on white, red, black, and pale horses which each symbolize Conquest, War, Famine, and Death, respectively.The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

True Identity: Accelerator (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
Class: Caster
Alignment: Chaotic Good

[big]Stats[/big] (27)
Strength: E
Endurance: A
Agility: A
Mana: A
Luck: E

Name: AIM Field
Rank: A
A high powered psychic field that nullifies all magical Abilities that target the user (EX: mystic eyes) <= A rank (<= C rank for Noble Phantasms that function as mental attacks). Similar to that of Magic Resistance except that it does not apply to spells. Instead, it applies to any mental attacks.

Name: Machine Ingenuity
Rank: A
The skill to manufacture and use mechanical items. Allows the creation of gravity sensors, life support machines, heat sensing goggles, rockets, and computers.

[big]Noble Phantasms[/big] (28)
Name: Accelerator
Rank: EX (12)
Type: Anti-World (3)
Gives the ability to control vectors. Can change the vector values of any noble phantasm or spell by touch. Furthermore, this ability is automatic and constantly active, so surprise attacks have no effect, as they will be redirected. Redirection costs 3/4 the amount of prana/mana that was required for the opponent to use the attack.
This ability can be used to re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind, cause explosions made of earth and rocks to attack opponents, create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point, rewrite the memories and personality of people by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body, and fly by controlling the wind to create about 4 high-powered tornadoes. By touching an object, the influence this ability can be extended to other objects in contact with it. This way allows the indirect changing of the vectors and turns the objects into projectiles.
It can also be used to take control of the planet's rotational vectors and tranfer the enormous amount of that energy into one attack. However, using this ability requires 1/2 of Accelerator’s total mana at no mana.

Name: Awakening
Rank: EX (12)
Type: Support (1)
The Angelic nature of this ability is described as "He who wields a piece of power that equates to God." Gives the ability to control and create "imaginary vectors" and has the ability to produce black mist or "Dark Matter". This takes the form of two wings that do all the vector-related calculations for Accelerator (they function as prana cores completely independent of its wielder's prana). As a result, Accelerator can use the wings as mana supplies for other noble phantasms and spells. Since they are made of Dark Matter and imaginary vectors that do not technically exist in our dimension, they cannot be destroyed be any means present in our reality.

True Identity: Enkidu
Alignment:Neutral Crazy


Name:Mad Enhancement
[Description] Raises basic parameters by a + in exchange of hindering mental capacities.
Name: Charisma
Rank: B
[Description]: Suitable for a king of a country.
Name: Divinity
Rank: B
Description: Created by the gods to check Gilgamesh's power, as such, his divine power is equivalent to Gilgamesh's
Name: Golden Rule
Rank: B
Description: Measures one's fortune to acquire wealth. Money problems are virtually unknown. Although Enkidu has no wealth of his own, Gilgamesh is willing to asist his friend in his financial problems.

[big]Noble Phantasms[/big]23
Name:Equal to the King
[Description]: Buffs attributes to the same rank as the most powerful attack he has taken during the fight, though it affects only Endurance and any other attributes related to the attack (e.g. Gae Bolg would buff Luck and Agility, Ea would buff Strength and Mana). Due to this if Enkidu is hit with an EX ranked Noble Phantasm, his stats are buffed to EX rank before he dies, virtually the only way to kill him is to only uses Noble Phantasms of under C+ rank. Have fun building a servant with one.

Name: Companion to the King
Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Unit
[Description]: Gilgamesh has granted his friend and companion access to his treasury, The Gates of Babylon. The weapons are the prototypes of the more recent Noble Phantasms, meaning that he owns the weapons and artifacts in his treasury when he is still alive and some of them would become legendary and mythical weapons/artifacts. After he died, his treasury is raided or perhaps is given away by his successor and then spread throughout the world. While Cu Chulainn has the Gae Bolg that became famous, Enkidu possesses a weapon that later became the Gae Bolg, but wasn't famous at the time Enkidu owned it.
The weapons that are seen in the Gate of Babylon are the prototypes of Caladbolg, Dainsleif, Durandal, Gae Bolg, Gram, Harpe, Houtengeki, Vajra. The Gate also contains an invisible sword, a sword of ice that freezes the space it cuts, a sickle drains away prana and passes through flesh and armor without causing physical damage, a mirror shield capable of reflecting a blast of prana up to B+ ranked, a three-edged sword, and a hammer larger than a person
Interestingly, Enkidu uses the massive numbers of Noble Phantasms mostly individually for melee, in comparison to Gilgamesh. Enkidu does not have access to Ea or Enkidu, as Enkidu is named after him, and Ea is Gil's sole property.

True Identity: M. C. Escher

Class: Asssassin

Alignment: True Neutral

Bio: Maurits Cornelis Escher (17 June 1898 ? 27 March 1972), usually referred to as M. C. Escher was a Dutch graphic artist. He is known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations.


Strength: D+

Endurance: B

Agility: D+

Mana: A

Luck: B


Name: Presence Concealment

Rank: E

[Description] The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for concealing oneself behind cover.

Name: Mental Pollution

Rank: A

[Description] Due possessing a distorted mentality, it is highly possible to shut out any mental interference. However, at the same time it becomes impossible to come to an understanding with individuals that do not possess an equivalent rank of mental pollution.

Name: Knowledge of Respect and Harmony

Rank: A

[Description] Prevents decrease in the effectiveness of a technique, regardless how many times it is used against the same opponent. Any and all actions cannot be perceived by the enemy.

Noble Phantasms

Name: Non-Euclidean Space

Rank: EX

Type: Support

[Description] A marble phantasm that represents Escher's distorted world. Envelopes all personnel within the area and sends them to a mathematically impossible and virtually boundless building complex. All normal laws of physics and primal forces hold no meaning in this space or are distorted beyond comprehension, and will continually change spontaneously. Gravity, diffusion/osmosis, magnetics and electricity, if existent at all, will frequently change direction(s) or severity, sometimes disappearing altogether or becoming so harsh that multicellular life is virtually impossible, if it weren’t already. The only one that can effectively navigate this space is Escher, and this space grants Escher free movement. Escher seemingly is able to teleport anywhere, walk through walls, ceilings, and floors, and move in a manner that is physically impossible through complete understanding of this space. All other persons who enter this space will take a Luck and Mana check and if the total point value exceeds 13, then they are able to navigate by adapting rapidly, but lowers their Mana and Luck by one rank each, having to constantly re-adapt to the ever changing physical laws. Those who do not pass the check are thrown into a state of confusion and have all their stats reduced by 40%. Those less with rank C Mana cannot even begin to comprehend the space and cannot navigate no matter how hard they try, as they would be walking in endless circles even if they perceive that they are moving, in addition to suffering the stat penalty. Regardless, any Clairvoyance or similar skill is reduced by 2 ranks. In addition to the impossible physical laws, matter in this area is also not as it seems, and there are floors and walls that can be passed through even though they seem perfectly solid, leading many to fall to their doom or fly through the ceiling even though they were attempting to walk straight. The structure of the entire building spontaneously rearranges itself, causing floors, ceilings, and all physical decorations to morph into something completely different. This does not usually occur in a linear fashion, elements can flow to different locations as if they were a different state temporarily, and certain zones undergo massive fluctuations, warping space-time itself, anything caught in the warp will be simultaneously ripped/stretched to pieces, random body portions teleported out and of course crushed to a singularity. Many traps(mundane and extraordinary) also exist in the complex, leading unsuspecting people to their deaths. Like Escher, the building pieces and everything else are also able to teleport, except it happens randomly and uncontrollably, teleporting a person into a trap, or a block teleporting into one’s body or just setting you back further, depending on your luck. Also, even the number of given dimensions in a certain area can vary, getting stuck in any lower dimensional area will obviously result in being either frozen in time(3D), flattened and immobilized(2D), or crushed down to a single point(1D). The Mana of the atmosphere inside the marble is equal to "None" and all servants except Escher inside of the marble have their connections to their Masters cut off, thus if they cannot defeat Escher within 2 hours(The clock still ticks while you are frozen in time), they will dissipate due to lack of Mana. The period of time can be extended by Independent Action skills. If a weapon destroys this space, and Escher is still alive, then all the properties of the weapon are reversed, rendering it unusable under normal circumstances.

Name: Moebius Flail

Rank: A

Type: Anti-Personal

[Description] A Weapon that represents the idea of the moebius strip, an infinite looping that joins itself. It is a weapon that only has one side, thus making every swing surely hit the enemy, even if the path looks physically impossible there is only one path and the weapon will take that path to the enemy. Even though it may not be easy to believe just by looking at it, each impact of this weapon can reach kilotons of force.

True Identity: Haseo (.hack//GU)
Class: Avenger
Alignment: Chaotic Good

[big]Stats[/big] (30)
Strength: A
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: E

[big]Abilities[/big] (5)
Name: Instinct
Rank: A
The power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle. Refined sixth sense is now close to true precognition. Bonus effect of reducing by half the penalties caused by obstructed vision and hearing.

[big]Noble Phantasms[/big] (30)
Name: Avatar Skeith
Rank: EX (12)
Type: Anti-World (3)
Haseo transforms into the first phase of the cursed wave. This appears as a giant creature holding a scythe capable of flight. Skeith increases all stats less than B to B rank. All normal attacks from Skeith are equal to A rank noble phantasms. Skeith can also data drain a target, dealing damage equal to an EX rank anti-unit attack. Data drain can also be used to decrease the rank of any noble phantasm’s attack by 2 (< C rank is canceled, C becomes E rank, B becomes D, A becomes C, EX becomes B). The amount of mana necessary to activate Skeith is equal to that of a normal EX rank anti-world noble phantasm. However, Skeith lasts as long as data drain is not used 3 times. When data drain is used 3 times, Skeith is cancelled, and Haseo must reactivate it to use it once more.

Name: The Terror of Death
Rank: EX (12)
Type: Anti-World (3)
Allows the user to switch between 4 different forms depending on the situation. This noble phantasm does not take mana to be used and is constantly active. There is no time lag between switching forms. Each form change has a different passive A rank support noble phantasm (constantly boosts some aspect of Haseo) and changes the stats of Haseo depending on the form.
The forms are:
Twin Blade (default form)
Strength: A
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: E
In this form, Haseo can use an A support noble phantasm that allows Haseo to move, attack, and react at mach 5 speed.

Edge Punisher
Strength: A
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Mana: E
Luck: B
In this form, Haseo can use an A support noble phantasm that triples the damage of every physical attack.

Flick Reaper
Strength: B
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: E
Luck: A
In this form, Haseo can use an A support noble phantasm that applies every physical attack that hits any one enemy onto all enemies within 300 meters of Haseo (they all receive the amount of damage the original enemy received).

Dual Gunner
Strength: E
Endurance: C
Agility: A
Mana: A
Luck: B
In this form, Haseo can use an A support noble phantasm converts all of Haseo’s physical attacks into long to medium range magic bullets that deal damage based on Mana (instead of Strength for physical damages). Mana is not used, it is just that the strength of the attacks is determined based on the Mana stat. However, mana can be expended to charge the bullets to even higher power.

In his first adventure in The World R:2 Haseo was saved from a group of PKers by a player named Ovan. On the advice of a player named Phyllo he decided to join Ovan's Guild Twilight Brigade and was introduced to its other members, including fellow newbie Tabby and Ovan's co-leader Shino. Without its leader the Brigade soon collapsed. Haseo decided to remain with Shino, who he'd developed feelings for. The two began to grow closer, but without warning Shino was forcibly taken away from him. The culprit was an infamous PKer named Tri-Edge. He had PKed Shino while she was alone at the Hulle Granz Cathedral and somehow had placed her into a coma in reality. With only his name and a short description to go on, Haseo began to hunt Tri-Edge, hoping to find a way to bring Shino back. From then on, Haseo is obsessed with gaining enough power to defeat Tri-Edge. He spends most of the .hack//GU games hunting for Tri-Edge. This need to avenge Shino categorizes him as an Avenger.

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