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SC2 Unit Counter List

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SC2 Unit Counter List Empty SC2 Unit Counter List

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2010-07-31, 18:58

These are generally recommended units that you should use to effectively counter an enemy army of certain unit types. I will list them for each race.
Hard Counters are definitive, the absolute best the race has to deal with the threat.
Soft Counters aren't as good but are cheaper or lower tier, for use if you are in a pinch.
General Categories:
ATA = Air to Air - Vikings, Mass of Mutalisks.
ATG = Air to Ground - Banshees, Mutalisks, any air unit that can attack ground.
GTA = Grand Theft Auto. What do you think it stands for.


Zergling - Hard Counters: ATG, Siege Mode Tanks, Colossi, IDK the zerg counter. Soft Counters: Marines. If you have at least a 1:2 ratio you can fry an army with no other unit types before they even make contact. Same thing with Stalkers, at least I think so. Since this is a 1st tier unit a soft counter will do fine.

Roach - Hard Counters: ATG (It better have good damage though or it'll be slow) Marauders (I think this is more of a soft counter), Immortals (Armor bonus gives epic pwnage)

Hydralisk - Hard Counters: Siege Tank, not sure what else is good.

Ultralisk - Hard Counters: ATG, lol. Soft Counters: For Protoss go Immortal, the armored attack bonus will bring one down quickly with hardened shields canceling the kaiser blades.


Marine - Hard Counters: Siege Mode Tanks, Colossi, Roaches.

Marauders - Hard Counters: ATG. Fatasses can't hit air units. Soft Counters: The only units NOT to use are Ultralisks, Stalkers, and other Marauders. Siege Tanks and Immortals are ok if the Marauders are with another unit type or have no path of retreat, but otherwise you will be kited, and that is not fun.

Reapers - ATG again, make sure you can take them out quickly, these guys are almost always used as raider units to kill off your workers. Stalkers(preferably with Blink), Hydralisks(with Grooved Spines), and in a pinch Roaches.

Banshees - Hard Counters: ATA esp. VIKINGS, banshees don't have ATA attack themselves. Soft Counters: Massed GTA, preferably hydralisks.

Vikings - GTA in large amounts, preferably Hydralisks. If they're fielding a large amount of banshees too then you are probably screwed unless you outnumber them or if you have a fleet of void rays.


Zealots - Hard Counters: ATG. If the bad guys just used spaceships exterminating the jedi wouldn't be so troublesome.
Soft Counters: Roaches, Hellions, and Colossi. Yes, siege tanks are good too, but I don't want to list them for every single ground unit.

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Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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SC2 Unit Counter List Empty Re: SC2 Unit Counter List

Post by InteroVegas on 2010-07-31, 23:19

colussi only help against terran swarms, not against vikings, tanks and thors which are the primary end game units, battlecruisers are bleh

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