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Starcraft 2 Hamachi Team

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Starcraft 2 Hamachi Team Empty Starcraft 2 Hamachi Team

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2010-07-30, 22:10

So I wuz thinking...we can't actually Hamachi this without major illegal haxing, but once most of us have a legit SC2 Battlenet Account we should form a huge party and go 4v4 crazy, and establish a name for ourselves maybe even in the coveted "Pro" league (the one above Platinum). I'll take charge of organizing and leading it unless someone else wants to volunteer. So here's what you're doing to join in 5 easy steps:

1. Get your SC2 on.
2. Add everyone else in our clique as friends with our char codes posted here.
3. Post your info (Username and Character Code) here as well so we can add you.
4. ???????

Your character code is some random number you get when you mouse over your profile avatar picture ingame. For noobs this is probably some hobo with a baseball cap and stubble, unless you have CE in which case immediately switch to the Diablo Marine.

The Team so Far: (Name Username Character Code Primary Race)
Me - Anaerobia 531 Protoss
Amos - Darkgenesis 719

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Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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Starcraft 2 Hamachi Team Empty Re: Starcraft 2 Hamachi Team

Post by InteroVegas on 2010-07-30, 22:28

Darkgenesis 719 - that or 713 I can't precisely remember, its one of those 2 though

second you need to be a dedicated race so we can use strategy, as a 4 person team we need to know who is doing what. please post what race/strategies you can play.
Next, you must be able to at least beat the hard com with your race to qualify (least in my opinion you are bronze garbage if you can't win against the hard com), honestly I don't care what strategy you use, as long you don't use some kind of hacks or cheats.

I can play:
Protoss - Early push
Protoss - rays
Protoss - Warpgate mass

Terran - Mech build (Thors and tanks)
Terran - Early push
Terran - Marine spam

Zerg - Nydus Worm sniper - though this is a very iffy strategy and aside from this not much, maybe an early push.

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