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Tsundere cafe

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Tsundere cafe Empty Tsundere cafe

Post by kaede on 2018-01-23, 03:01

Because I don't know if it fits in anime or spam, I'll just place it here.

if something like this opened in your local area, would you go?

I probably would because it seems like fun. Hell paid me enough and I would be a waitress at this, because having the managers consent to be rude to customers is awesome.

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Tsundere cafe Empty Re: Tsundere cafe

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2018-01-23, 04:29

Nope, I'm not into tsundere. I feel that excessive violence and hostility gets in the way of working out relationships.
This seems like a very cost-effective cash grab, as the theme hinges solely on the acting ability of the serving staff as opposed to something like a cosplay cafe which would have additional costume expenses.
The one thing that really gets me is there being a goddam gacha for a one day event.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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