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Heart of the Swarm Campaign

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Heart of the Swarm Campaign Empty Heart of the Swarm Campaign

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2014-02-03, 21:52

This has been out for some time now, what do you guys think- oh yeah you probably haven't played it. Well, I did a few weeks ago and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

"Is Sarah Kerrigan a strong female protagonist" -- Vroop
Yes. Even de- er, Wings of Liberty spoiler- not the Queen of Blades anymore she still kicks ass. I think the campaign passes the Bechdel test, given the weird gender-obscure zerg minions you get to talk to between missions. Unlike that coward Jim Raynor, Kerrigan is present on the battlefield in nearly every mission as a hero unit, where you can put those hacksauce abilities to use.

"What are your thoughts on the plot?" -- Me
It was like the hero's journey of self discovery, but with plenty of interesting set pieces on the way. The Hyperion pops up again, and you even get to play as them in this funny space MOBA-like mission. Some guy pops up that is probably Samir Duran, but doesn't explicitly say so, and I kinda wish he played a bigger part in the story. The final missions were almost a direct opposite of the final missions in Wings of Liberty.

This installment is an interquel, the middle, so I didn't expect all the plot lines to be resolved, and they indeed left basically one plot open for the Protoss expansion. Unfortunately I found the Swarm ending very similar to the ending of a certain anime...made by mexican fans...Lunar Legend Burritos...the resemblance is uncanny.
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