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Daisy's Log

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Daisy's Log Empty Daisy's Log

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-10-24, 16:04

Personal in character journal from a character I played in Michael's Eberron campaign. We didn't even make it past the first day before it went on hiatus. See if you can guess who the other players are. (amos, kevin, felix)

Zarantyr 28

Made it to the town, it's called Hatheril. It's rather wet and cold. I suppose I'm to find more information on those undead blokes.
Walked into the forge to find some hairy man talking down a warforged servant. You don't have to yell at the poor thing, mister gruff beard. House messengers didn't give him my name, so I had to introduce myself.
Amazing how well they've trained me, I HATE BEING CALLED DAISY, but I went and told them "you can call me Daisy for short! Hee hee hee!" Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. It's like I'm handing them my head on a plate. The damn fool grinned at that, what a lecher. He kept calling my musket a stick, it is NOT a 'stick', it is a finely crafted mechanism of wood and steel, a fire arm. So maybe it is kind of battered, but that does not make it a stick. Gods, the way he explained bayonets, he must think I'm a clueless child, "pointy little swords". Then he gave me paper cartridges. After I had spent all that time agonizing over whether to use paper or the powder horn. Can you believe it. Looks like House infighting is still going on. Should keep them busy enough to forget I exist.
This whole ghoul problem, they seem to have only circumstantial evidence. Maybe it's just busywork they sent me off to do, play with a new toy. I don't care.

Ah, I've been venting my little peeves for a while. This is supposed to be a journal, not a diary. Huh.

I went outside to check out the source of the screaming. There were a bunch of burly men with swords and shields out menacing a family. Well I just had to look, now I get caught up in some random fight. This kind of thing seems to happen a lot to people who set out on journeys.
I leveled my musket down at a man, fired. He fell down and died almost immediately.
I know acted a lot more surprised than I actually was, but I was indeed shocked by the power of this new weapon.
The downside: It takes too long, far too long to prepare it for another shot though. His friend must have caught on to what I was doing, because he turned right around from the man he was engaged with and started hacking at me with his ugly blade. Next shot wasn't so lucky, so I turned and ran. The other two fighting men managed to run over and take care of them in time.
Then the town guards came. The real ones. So these other men apparently just stood up and fought the others out of the goodness of their hearts? Oh, they have 'business' with the Malsam family. Why doesn't anyone let me know what's going on until afterwards.

The House Deneith man, he's rather brutish, almost as much as the ruffians he fought. He tried to lick his own wounds, as if that would help. When the healer finally arrived, he shouted "Who art thou" at him. Really, I think most people don't know just how rude they are.
The guard captain tried to figure out what the gun was, but he got scared of the mighty House auroch. Heh. It seems everyone's clueless. For once I know something they don't. They started discussing what to do with the last unconscious outlaw.
That self righteous paladin, saying "I don't like to see my prisoners handed off to a life of maltreatment." He'd rather give them a life of maltreatment himself, is that right. Anyways, then we realized what a gigantic crowd the incident had gathered.

A hobgoblin mercenary offered Adorry - the pious paladin - some sort of manly challenge. House Deneith employs hobbos, eh. Smart men. Smart hobgoblin. A woman came along, pushed him aside. Obvious racist. She's upset and needs help to get married to her true love Bunard Malsam, but refuses me. And I offered so nicely too. After that some shady, pretentious person in a green cloak comes over, talks to the guards about a bard called Fangol, I wouldn't really care about it if they weren't trying to keep secrets from me.
The halfing healer, Kullha, quite shrewd, got in my face wondering what the bullet he'd found was. I managed to shake him off by invoking my House name, but I don't think I can keep this a secret for much longer if I keep screwing up.

That bloody oaf paladin forget all about the poor woman from before. We found her dead body in an alleyway, from a stab wound.
There was some poor elf girl, she ran away at the sight of it, only to be replaced by that rather uptight, condescending man in a green cloak. I felt like chiding him for being so contrary with the guards, but he left just as quickly. I wasn't aware this town had so many shady characters. But that's probably the way everyone else would be too, at least he isn't pretending to be something he isn't.

I walked into the inn to find Adorry Carter interrogating the bartender. Such a forceful man, stirring up unnecessary trouble. When he saw this yeoman by the name of Roya, who had an odd accent and an outfit I oddly recall seeing before somewhere, he started interrogating him too, probably just for being foreign. I didn't feel like stepping in because I was waiting for the drink that Roya so courteously offered to pay for. Ended up being a moot point because surprise, the serving wench Maxi disappeared and everyone went into a panic.
Carter started ripping into poor Roya for details. Apparently the elf girl had asked after Fangol as well. It would've gone on if that fool Coren hadn't told us all he thought he knew where Maxi went. He led us on a merry chase through the town, which ended abruptly in the middle of the street. Does he honestly expect me to believe that the woman just disappeared into thin air?

After having a rather drawn out discussion with a random townsfolk, we spotted that vile man in the green cloak spying on us. He broke and ran like the coward he is. Instead of giving chase, Sir Carter led us to the Malsams, a more 'reliable' source of information according to him. So the deceased dame who had affections for Bunard, apparently her mouth was 'worn', whatever that means, and everyone noticed except me. Bunard implies that the mouth was used to speak the words of another, and I thought maybe, just maybe, the woman was already dead and someone was talking through her like a puppet. It was JUST a suggestion, and do you know what he tells me? "Don't be daft, woman." Men. Yes, don't tell me about the mouth detail, the daft woman doesn't need to know about it.
They also didn't think I needed to know about a certain enchanted package Sir Carter was delivering to them from Thrane.

It was getting dark out. The bloody savage Deneith dog just fell down and slept on the cold hard cobblestone floor as soon as we left the church. I decided I'd sleep more comfortably and headed for the "Ghallada Inn". The bartender Jorban had my drink waiting, and it was good. Thanks for the free trial, "Sir" Roya. A group of workmen walked in behind me and tried to convince me what utter aficionados of violence they were. Apparently one of them was the oh so famed Fangol, the man that the elf girl and cloaked bastard were asking after. He's a bard, which obviously means he everything he says is an exaggeration. I used to have a major problem with that, but I've since realized I do the same thing quite often. He shouted "JORBAN!" like a big bumbling idiot, then ordered the Fairhaven Special for me. I pretended to be surprised at his stupid cheap trick, it was pretty obvious that's what I'd been drinking already. Bad idea, that actually encouraged him. He went on to offer that overused classic magician's introduction, making some coins disappear and then "pulling it out of my head". I tried to see what he was using to vanish them, but he was too fast. No matter. I figure it was either a sleight of hand or that Prestidigitation spell, I heard that bards are capable of basic level affairs like that. In all my life, I've only been swindled by a smooth talker like that once, and I swore, it would never, ever, happen again.

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Daisy's Log Empty Re: Daisy's Log

Post by M. Ainsel on 2012-10-24, 16:10

Ahem, by "First Day" he means in role-playing time. That one day took up many days of real time. And while I'm talking about these sessions, F/UC maptool.
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