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A Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Suite

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A Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Suite Empty A Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Suite

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-07-28, 21:37

Ever wonder what kind of hardware your prebuilt PC was running on? Unsure of whether you got the parts you ordered for your dream machine? Get all these, and you'll know everything there is to know about what goes on inside your computer.
Unless you're a disgusting Mac user, in which case you suck, or you use something weird like Solaris or Unix, in which case you probably already know how to find out all this stuff.

A Comprehensive Computer Monitoring Suite Cpu-zCPU-Z: A hardware scanning tool that reports real time information on your CPU, RAM, Mobo, GPU, and their clock speeds. It's a bit more in depth and specific than AIDA32 or AIDA64

GPU-Z: In the same vein as CPU-Z but by a different developer, this tool specifically scans and analyzes your graphics card. It reports helpful statistics like ongoing GPU load and VRAM usage.

SpeedFan: Great tool for measuring the temperatures of your machine's most critical components, including processors and hard disks. It also allows fan control if you have custom case fans installed in your desktop.

SysInternals Process Explorer: This motherlode of programs is essentially Task Manager on steroids. You can set process priorities without having to go through UAC every time, which is already a plus in my book. It lets you kill processes, see what their dependencies/children are, log users out, and view graphs of obscure statistics like GPU committed bytes and IO delta.

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