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Darius Patch Notes

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Darius Patch Notes Empty Darius Patch Notes

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-05-22, 23:27

So with amos and sandow gone, I'm taking up the mantle of reviewing the patches. Mah style Very Happy
New Champion: Darius, the Hand of Noxus
Stylistically, I don't really like this guy. His passive is called Bleed although Talon had a Bleed effect too, so they are not as unique anymore and names get confused. Darius sounds like Varus, kinda. He's just a big guy in armor, we already have big guys and we already have mordekaiser. I'm of the opinion that all champions should be as unique and different as possible, but it's perfectly fine if you think differently.
I have yet to see him in game as of this post, so no comment on mechanics yet.
Ashe: Hawkshot now displays total gold retrieved by the skill in the tooltip
A small useful tweak that was also applied to Gangplank's Parrrley and Twisted Fate's Loaded Dice. This is nice.
Ashe's art update
Dat Ashe
Morgana: Soul Siphon Spell Vamp reduced to 10/15/20% from 10/20/30%
I think this was unnecessary and brought about by an overreaction to noob players' rage. It's not OP, it's just fricking spell vamp, you can deal with it. They already nerfed WOTA just for you, nooblords.
Sadism now returns 40/50/60% of Mundo's health instead of 40/55/70%
I'm divided on this. The whole point of Mundo is that he can have insane regen like that, but a lot of times he becomes really annoying when stacking dual warmogs and FoN. Maybe instead just make Warmog's Armor unique? Because anyone stacking dual warmogs is really dam annoying to me. One of the few ways you can still troll me in this game, build dual warmogs and rub it in.
Fixed a bug where Riptide would continue to deal full damage on subsequent hits to slow immune targets
Really. Nobody cares, why not leave it in to create interesting tactical opportunities later on?
Fiddlesticks: Dark Wind now deals 50% increased damage to minions
Hecarim: Rampage damage to minions increased to 66% from 50%
Wat. Like what is this even for, I don't get it. Do they want people to lane with these guys now?
Increased Malphite's travel speed during Unstoppable Force
Oh god no I see where this is going Mad
Phantom Dancer movement speed reduced to 12% from 15%
Doublesword movement speed reduced to 6% from 8%
They must've realized how OP dunk master yi was. Don't be hatin' just cuz he's better at b-ball than you! Cool

New Item: Athene's Unholy Grail
First of all it has a bawesome name. Those stats are so good for the cost that I'm sure it'll be nerfed in a week or two. Might as well enjoy super haxor Galio with legit Chalice til then.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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Darius Patch Notes Empty Re: Darius Patch Notes

Post by nullset12 on 2012-05-30, 20:59

I love ashe's new skin. But I hate how they nerfed PD and Zeals.

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