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The Internet Hipster challenge

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The Internet Hipster challenge Empty The Internet Hipster challenge

Post by Corenat Rovarnus on 2012-03-16, 12:27

There are some services and sites that we just take for granted and use almost every single time on the internet, so much so that they've turned into standalone applications by themselves. Think about it.
When you want to find something, spell something correctly, or even calculate, you always use Google search. During "research", you almost always go to Wikipedia and just rip pictures and text from there. It's essentially an information monopoly, except no money is changing hands from the consumer's point of view. While I am not saying that Google and Wikipedia are evil, I notice that we are developing an alarming dependency on them to do anything online, and you'd be pretty deprived if these services ever disappeared suddenly. Of course, it's probably never going to happen, I agree with you on that, but I want to try this out.

So here's the challenge. For the entire week of March 18th through the 25th 2012, go through your life without using the following at all:
Facebook - This should be easy, most of you don't even have one.
Google - This includes Google services like Gmail and gchat. If you use Chrome, that's still allowed, but screw you. You can't use the search engine period.

"Oh that's easy I'll just use bing/yahoo instead" Well fine that was my intent, if you really love bing that much. If you don't, find something else that is better.
Corenat Rovarnus
Corenat Rovarnus

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The Internet Hipster challenge Empty Re: The Internet Hipster challenge

Post by kaede on 2012-03-17, 00:57

I really want to do this but can't. Facebook I can do because I despise it with a passion. Google and wikipedia I need for my job because im not a comic geek and I ocasionally have to recomend a comic to get so I have to read up on the back issues and stuff.

So yeah can't do this sorry.

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